Burton ready for visit

Four-star Joe Burton had an excellent summer and now he is set to make a Big XII visit.

One of the more consistently productive wings in the class of 2014 this summer was Joe Burton. Playing with the Houston Defenders, Burton put up very good scoring numbers and proved that he is capable of making things happen on the offensive end. Now he is gearing up for his official visits.

"It was a great summer," said Burton. "I think I got a lot better from last summer. Now I just have to get ready for the school year. I feel I did a great job in growing up and getting better from last summer."

Recruiting wise some schools are beginning to emerge for Burton.

"Overall I am hearing from Oklahoma State, Kansas State, Oregon, Missouri, and Arizona," said Burton.

He continued, "I have an official visit this weekend with Oklahoma State. They have been calling me a lot."

Oklahoma State is a school that was consistently at Burton's games this summer, and says they have a lot to offer.

"I really feel that Oklahoma State is a good program," said Burton of the Cowboys. "I think they really fit my style of play. With me being a guy that isn't afraid to go to college away from it makes me comfortable to know it isn't too far from home. It is just a drive away."

He continued, "I spoke with their coaches, and they are guys who are telling me how to get better. That is something I look for, a school where the coaches will push me and help me get better."

Another school that has been very active in recruiting Burton is Oregon.

"They have been with me for a while," said Burton of Oregon. "Some schools say the same things, but Oregon is different. Right now they are in my No. 2 spot. They are showing me where there is playing time and how they could help me get better. I definitely have to see when I go up there what the atmosphere is. After that I will have a better feel for Oregon."

For now Burton is taking everything in stride and wants to have as much information as possible before making a decision.

"There have been a lot of calls, but we are taking our time with it," said Burton. "I plan to do all five official visits. I am going to take four before basketball season and then take my last one after basketball season. That is the plan right now."

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