Winslow to cut list and set visit dates soon

Justise Winslow is looking to cut his list and set up visit dates soon. While he hasn't set up any officials, Winslow discussed rumors of a possible visit to UCLA.

Justise Winslow is sitting at eight schools, but he's planning to work his list down to five in the near future.

"Right now I'm at eight, but probably next week or in a week or so or two weeks I'll have it narrowed down to five so I can get my officials set up," Winslow told Thursday evening.

The eight schools currently on Winslow's list are Stanford, UCLA, Arizona, Kansas, Texas A&M, Kentucky, Florida and Duke. He said he hasn't scheduled any official visits yet.

There was buzz surrounding a possible visit to UCLA the weekend of August 31st, Winslow said that's a possible date, but it isn't set in stone.

"Maybe, but I don't know yet because I don't know," he said. "That could possibly happen, but I'm not sure yet."

Steve Alford made Winslow,'s No. 9 overall recruit, one of their top priorities since he took over at UCLA.

"I really like their new coaching staff and coach Alford and the rest of their guys and their player development and things like that," he said. "Also being in LA and in that market, it makes you really marketable and you can get a lot of publicity that's a good thing about it."

Winslow has an older brother that lives in Los Angeles and he said that could factor into his college choice.

"It definitely helps to have blood and family out there that you can rely on," Winslow said.

The 6-foot-6, 205-pound wing will participate in the Elite 24, which airs on ESPN this weekend. Once that event ends, Winslow is going to focus on cutting his list and setting up college visits. He's hoping to have a decision by winter.

"Hopefully in the fall or winter season or in November or December I'll know where I want to go."

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