Terry Larrier: Evaluation

Transforming from a combo forward into a wing isn't easy, but Larrier is on his way toward accomplishing that feat.


He didn't arrive on the scene with exceptional fanfare. We first watched Terry Larrier at the Hoop Group Session II event in July, 2012. Then, he impressed as a combo forward who possessed (smallish) power forward size but with blossoming wing skills.

His recruitment at that time reflected the lack of hype. Smaller programs comprised his list, but the composition would change over the next year.

Larrier showcased his increasing skill level with Team Scan at the EYBL Hampton event this past April. Playing before a host of college coaches, he demonstrated high-major talent and confidence.

His next impressive stop occurred in June at the Pangos All-American Camp. There, he played far more aggressively as a scorer, proving not only to have athletic and defensive versatility but expanding offensive tools as well.

Larrier's strong summer result in the major offers his promise indicated he warranted. Larrier cut his list to 10 schools post-July, but ultimately chose VCU over Connecticut.


Athleticism is what stands out most. Larrier is a smooth and solidly built athlete who's a fine transition scorer and increasingly effective in the halfcourt setting. He's a reasonably good jump shooter who knocked down some threes during our observations in the spring and summer, and that range further argues that he can become a wing in college.

Meanwhile, he's an okay (not great) ballhandler who finishes above the rim when he receives a pass on the break. His mid-range jump shot appears to be a future asset as well, so he's getting closer to becoming a complete player.

He also boasts outstanding defensive potential. Larrier will be a strong, if slightly undersized post defender and a quick and powerful wing defender. His feet are quick enough to contain most opposing wings, and his height and wingspan confer to him additional perimeter advantage.


As mentioned, Larrier's ballhandling is acceptable for the wing but not truly three-man quality yet. Thinking down the road, that's an area he'll need to tighten up.

He also can become more consistent overall as a scorer. Much of what he accomplishes now occurs in brief flashes, rather than game-long performances. The transitioning nature of his game explains that to a great extent, but it remains to be seen how much time the full evolution will require.


To be clear, though Larrier now projects as a wing, he is not at this moment a full-fledged perimeter player. As such, he's likely to begin his career performing a wide variety of roles. He does possess some post scoring tools, such as a jump hook, and coaches won't want to pull him away from there completely.

At the same time, his career arc appears to be carrying him toward the perimeter. That's certainly what he'll need to be in his post-college career, and he's already far enough along to contribute from distance.

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