McIntosh setting visits

One official visit as well as one in-home visit have already been set for Bryant McIntosh.

Three-star shooting guard Bryant McIntosh had a few high level moments in July. His play led to numerous scholarship offers, and now the Greensburg (Ind) standout is beginning to set official visits as well as in-home visits.

Ever since opening his recruitment up after being initially committed to Indiana State, McIntosh has been busy, but it is a process he has enjoyed.

"It has been a lot of fun," said McIntosh. "It has allowed me to reconnect with a lot of coaches I talked to before I committed to Indiana State, and also I have gotten to meet a lot of new coaches. It has been a great experience."

He continued, "July was fun for me, especially with how I played. I felt I played pretty well, and it brought me a lot of attention from high major schools. It has just been a great opportunity for me."

When it comes to visits, one in-home visit and one official visit have already been set up.

"Right now I have Purdue for an official visit on September 14," said McIntosh. "Northwestern is coming in for an in-home the first day they can which is September 9. Other than that I am setting up official visits with other schools."

Northwestern is a school that has been on McIntosh from the day he de-committed, and he has built a strong relationship with the staff. Now he is hoping to get to know them even better during the in-home visit.

"I think the visit will go well and be a good time," McIntosh explained. "First they are going to come to an open gym and then they will come to dinner with me and my family. I have built a pretty good relationship with Coach (Armon) Gates who is doing most of my recruiting, but I have also met with Coach (Chris) Collins and the other assistants. It will be interesting to see what else they have to tell me and my parents. Also I will be able to ask some questions and get some answers."

Purdue is another school that McIntosh has been talking to quite a bit, and he is looking forward to his official visit.

"I want to see them with individual workouts," said McIntosh of the Purdue trip. "I want to see how the coaches interact with the players, what the atmosphere is like there, and just what a day in the life of a Purdue basketball player is like. That is kind of what I am looking for."

He continued, "I have a good relationship with all of the coaches especially Coach (Brandon) Brantley who just got there. I talk to him every couple of days. I just want to see if I really get along with the coaches and players and if I like it or not."

In terms of other visits, nothing is set in stone, but McIntosh is in discussions with several schools.

"I am going to visit Vanderbilt, and I have also talked to West Virginia about visiting, I have talked to Xavier so I will probably visit them, and Auburn wants me to come for an official visit," said McIntosh. "Also I have been talking to Dayton a lot, so there are several schools."

At the end of the day McIntosh says he just wants to find the best spot for him where he is most comfortable.

"I'm just looking for the best relationship I can have with coaches because those are going to be your parents for the next couple of years," explained McIntosh. "Obviously all of these schools will give me a great education, so there isn't too much to worry about there. I am just looking to see how the players and coaches interact and how I would fit in to each system."

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