Lammers talks visits process

Ben Lammers is busy with official visits, and hopes to make an informed decision.

Three-star center Ben Lammers has already made one visit, and now another three are set to take place. The San Antonio (Tex) Alamo Heights standout is one of the more athletic players on the post in the country, and numerous schools are working hard to get his commitment.

At 6-foot-9 and 220 pounds, it is easy to see why so many coaches began tracking Lammers during July. For Lammers he says it was an excellent experience.

"It was definitely pretty crazy," said Lammers of the summer. "It was lots of fun, but also tiring. I think I played pretty well and I got progressively better as the summer went on."

He continued, "It was definitely crazy in Vegas to see 20-30 college coaches lined up against the wall watching us. I tried to just show off my skills as much as I could for them."

Recruiting wise Lammers is already in the middle of his official visit process.

"I took my first visit last week was to Marquette," said Lammers. "I visit Georgia Tech this week, Miami next weekend, and then Stanford on September 20."

The visit to Marquette was a good one for Lammers and set the bar high for his other trips.

"It was really fun," said Lammers of the visit. "It was my first trip so it was a new experience. Everybody was really nice to me, and I got to see what the campus was like and what the classes were like. You could definitely tell it was a basketball school because random students would go up to the players and tell them how they were looking forward to the season."

Up next is Georgia Tech, and Lammers is looking forward to the trip out there this weekend.

"The coaches I have talked to seem like great guys," said Lammers of the Yellow Jackets. "I think they would definitely take care of me and help me become the best player I could be. Also engineering and econ are two of the things I am looking into for a major, and Georgia Tech is one of the best engineering schools in the country."

When it comes to Miami, the Hurricanes are trying to build on last year's success and Lammers thinks that will definitely take place.

"The coaches are great guys and they had a great season last year," explained Lammers. "Also they look good for the upcoming years, and it seems like a good program with coaches who will help me develop in the future."

With Stanford the appeal is clear, Lammers is a good student and has the chance to go to one of the elite schools in the country.

"It is definitely pretty cool being recruited by Stanford," said Lammers. "I don't know if I could ever get into Stanford without basketball, so having an opportunity to go there would be really nice. Obviously Stanford is one of the best schools if not the best school in the nation."

While there is no set timetable for a commitment, Lammers says he is hoping to get as much information as he can before making a decision.

"I don't think I would want to commit on any visit," noted Lammers. "I want to see as many campuses as I can so I have a good idea of all the schools I am looking at. I wouldn't want to miss out what might be the best opportunity for me. I would think I will take at least most of my visits."

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