Azubuike Looking At Five Schools

Small forward Kelenna Azubuike, a Top 25 prospect, took a different path in the summer of 2001 than he did the previous year. Opting to spend the better part of July working on his individual skills, Azubuike lived most of the month out of a suitcase. Now, he's regrouped and is looking at five schools.

Azubuike Looking At Five

Kelenna Azubuike, a small forward from Tulsa, Okla., is currently looking at five schools. Azubuike says that he's interested in UCLA, Illinois, Kentucky, Kansas and Tennessee. He hopes to take visits to each of the schools and probably will sign in the fall.

He says there are a number of factors that will go into his decision. "Just how I like the team, the playing time and the coach along with kind of players they have at my position already. Also the environment. Do they have good NBA contacts?"

In 2000, Azubuike was a standout on the Athletes First team, then comprised of talented juniors, that made waves in Las Vegas and won a SuperShowcase title in Orlando. However, Azubuike's summer was a little different this. He played at Nike Camp, but then spent the middle part of the summer working his game with a variety of coaches focusing on individual development before playing for Prep Stars International in Las Vegas.

"It was alright. It was a good experience for me," Azubuike said. "I was out of a suitcase for a long period of time."

His approach to workouts was a little different than the average prospect that usually sticks to AAU events in July.

"For one, with Athletes First, you go somewhere and come home. With this one, you are out for a month and a half or so with no rest. It took a little more out of me this summer."

"I was working out in New York a lot. We got a lot of individual work in. I went to Five Star and it turned out to be a good experience."

Azubuike has yet to set up his in-home or official visits.

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