Terrell gives Oklahoma State a different look

Surrounded by shooters, Jared Terrell should thrive at Oklahoma State.

It is no secret that Oklahoma State coach Travis Ford values guys who can shoot the three. Ford typically loves to put as many shooters as he can on the floor, and recruits that way. However Ford has also shown some willingness to change things up and have some diversity in his backcourt, and that is exactly what he is getting in Jared Terrell.

At about 6-foot-3 and 205 pounds, Terrell is going to look different than most of the players who will be in his position workouts when he gets to Stillwater. Assuming Marcus Smart leaves for the NBA Draft after the season, the Cowboys were seemingly left with a void of a physical backcourt player who can guard multiple positions and provide toughness.

Now the Cowboys have that in Terrell. There might not be a more physically imposing wing in the entire country, and Terrell is good at using his size and strength to create off the dribble and get into the lane where he can make plays.

Also Terrell is an outstanding athlete. Combined with his strength, that excellent athleticism allows him to play much taller than he is. Which means he can rebound well for a guard, and also can defend players who might be taller than him. All of that makes Terrell one of the more versatile prospects around.

That is especially important when considering what Oklahoma State already has on their roster. Once again, assuming Smart is gone, players like Phil Forte and Stevie Clark figure to get the majority of the minutes in the backcourt. Both Forte and Clark are elite level shooters, but both are on the short side and neither of them really like to get into the lane and make plays.

Also already committed in the 2015 class is a shooter in Austin Grandstaff. Grandstaff has more height than Forte and Clark, but he doesn't have the bulk or athleticism that a kid like Terrell does.

Another thing is Oklahoma State is at their best when out in transition. Ford has shown a willingness to let his guys go, and to almost try and outscore their opponents. Last year Oklahoma State was in the top third in the country in terms of offensive tempo, and that is where Terrell is best, as well as players like Forte and Clark.

While Forte and Clark like the open style of play because it allows them to get looks from three, Terrell likes it because he can run the wing and make plays in space. Also Terrell can look a bit mechanical and lost at times when in a halfcourt game, but in transition his natural instincts take over and he is excellent.

When you combine everything together, Terrell is exactly the type of player that Ford wanted to fill his backcourt spot, and it looks to be a good situation for Terrell where he can fill role and have a nice career.

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