Johnson discusses schools, decision

Robert Johnson is set to take his final scheduled official visit this coming weekend. He recapped his three visits to date and discussed his timeline for a decision.

End is in sight for Robert Johnson.

Johnson, a 6-foot-3 senior guard out of Richmond (Va.) Benedictine, used the summer to catapult his stock. He moved his way up to No. 54 overall in the 2014 class and reeled in high major scholarship offers.

Once the dust of the summer settled, Johnson began examining Indiana, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida State closely. He started taking visits in late August and is gearing up for his final trip to Florida State this coming weekend.

Johnson visit Indiana the weekend of August 24th. He said their players and his relationship with their coaching staff were among the things that stood out to him.

"What I liked about Indiana were the players," Johnson said. "They are a good group of guys. They like to get in the gym. They are cool guys. I like the coaching staff and they are one of the best coaching staffs in the country as far as relating to the players and showing you what they think is special about Indiana. Those are some of the things that stood out."

The following weekend, Johnson made the quick trip to Charlottesville (Va.) for an official visit to Virginia. The Cavaliers pitched location and he was impressed with their coaching staff.

"With Virginia I liked the coaching staff," he said. "They have an advantage of being close to home. Their main selling point was basically I could come there and do something that hasn't been done in a long time, as far as representing Virginia and being from Virginia and helping them build a national contender."

Then last weekend Johnson took his third official visit to North Carolina. Johnson said Roy Williams spent a lot of time with him on the visit and that was among the things he liked most about the trip.

"I think Coach Williams made it as personal as he could," Johnson said. "He invited me over to his house and showed me things on his own, rather than have the assistant coach do it. I think he made everything personal."

How did the trip to UNC compare to his trips to Virginia and Indiana?

"The Carolina trip was right there as far as the time I had and the questions that were answered and the overall feeling I got from the trip was right up there with Indiana and Virginia," he said. "I guess they answered a lot of question and they showed me a good time. So I thought it went good."

Now Johnson will embark on his final official visit this coming weekend to Florida State. The Seminoles are selling Johnson on the fact that they have plenty of playing time available at the guard position.

"The main thing Coach Hamilton has been telling me is that I have an opportunity to come in and play and be an impact player as soon as I get there," Johnson said. "He said I'd have the chance to have the ball in my hands. He said they have a lot of pieces but that I'm one of the things that they're missing from being a real good team. That's the main thing that attracts me to Florida State."

After his trip to Florida State, Johnson is likely to set a date for his college decision. d

"That will most likely be my last visit," Johnson said. "I'm trying to think of what day I'm more than likely going to set a date next week to make my decision."

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