Ulis marks change for Calipari

Tyler Ulis breaks the mold a little bit for John Calipari, but he should more than fit in with Kentucky's point guards of the recent past.

Tyler Ulis picking the University of Kentucky was not a surprise. From the moment Kentucky started showing interest it seemed that Ulis really was really interested in the school. When they offered in August it was only a matter of time until he picked the school. In fact the only real surprise is that John Calipari was so intrigued with him.

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If you look at his history as a college head coach, there is one thing that has almost always been consistent with Calipari. He has taken bigger point guards. Dating back to his time at UMass, Calipari made his name with a point guard named Edgar Padilla who is 6-foot-2. At Memphis he of course had Derrick Rose, but also a guy such as Darius Washington Jr, and also Calipari used Tyreke Evans at the point guard position.

In fact the only smaller guard that Calipari has utilized at the point in recent memory is Ryan Harrow last year, and that didn't exactly go well. However now Calipari is breaking from his trend and he is going after Ulis.

At 5-foot-8 Ulis is clearly not the traditional Calipari point guard. In fact he will be roughly nine inches shorter and 60 pounds lighter than this year's point guard Andrew Harrison who more than fits the mold of what Calipari has gone after in the past.

Also Ulis is clearly not a one and done prospect. Over the past half-decade or so outside of Harrow, who was a transfer, all of Calipari's point guards have been one and done players from the very beginning. So clearly Ulis marks a bit of a change for Calipari. He is quite simply a player that Calipari hasn't had in recent memory.

The reason Calipari is so intrigued with someone who doesn't fit the mold of his past point guards is obvious. Ulis is one of the best floor generals in the class. In fact when it comes to being a winner, not many point guards bring the intangibles to the floor that Ulis does. He is as good of a passer as there is in the class, he can shoot, and is one of the smartest players on the floor.

At the end of the day the game of basketball comes down to how hard do you make yourself to guard, and Ulis has found a way to make himself very difficult to guard despite only being 5-foot-8. He knows how to do everything on the court, and more than held his own against the best players in the country at his position.

Overall Ulis may not look like a lot of Kentucky point guards in recent memory, but at the end of the day his production is likely to be the same as nearly any of them, and this time he will be around for four years, and not just one.

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