Final visit on deck for Nairn

A decision could be coming fairly soon for Lourawls Nairn who makes his final official visit this weekend.

A decision isn't too far away for Lourawls Nairn. Better known as "Tum Tum", Nairn has only one official visit remaining, and after that a choice will be made. Bel Aire (Kan) Sun Rise Christian Academy coach Kyle Lindsted says that Nairn is looking forward to the Indiana visit upcoming and had a great time recently at Michigan State.

Nairn had officially narrowed his list to Oklahoma, Minnesota, and Indiana before making a late and somewhat surprising visit last weekend to Michigan State. According to Lindsted the Spartans had been in contact before, and that allowed them to get back involved in the recruitment.

"It was kind of a weird deal how it happened," said Lindsted. "Obviously they missed on some guys, but they were interested in Tum early. It was kind of a crossing of wires. They really thought it was going to be Kansas for Tum. They liked Tum a lot and built a relationship, but when they found out how far along things were with him and KU they backed off. Also Michigan State had their in with Tyler Ulis, so they thought they were going to get him. Then when neither of the two worked out, the natural thing was to try and get back in."

Lindsted continued, "I think Tum fits their style well, and I think he fits their personality well, and I think that is a level he can play at. Coach (Tom) Izzo is good fit for Tum personality wise with his toughness and moxie. I think Tum could play well there."

Up next is the trip to Indiana and according to Lindsted, Nairn is very excited about the Hoosiers.

"Tum is really looking forward to getting out to Indiana," said Lindsted. "Much like with Michigan State, Oklahoma, and Minnesota he is looking to see how Coach (Tom) Crean and his staff can develop him as a player and a person and how he fits in at the school. With Tum it is about fit, and he is looking forward to see how he fits in with Indiana who so far has done a great job recruiting him."

Unlike some kids that get blown away on visits by brand new facilities or weight rooms, Lindsted says Nairn takes a more thoughtful approach.

"I think you have to be able to see yourself at that school," Lindsted explained. "Tum is a little different in that he isn't a prima donna. He isn't going to a place looking for nice shoes or anything like that. He isn't impressed by the facilities. He wants to know how they are going to make him better as a person and a player."

Now the plan is to take his final visit and then for Nairn and his coaches to sit down and come up with a decision.

"He has that visit to Indiana and then we will sit down and talk about it," said Lindsted of making a commitment. "We haven't tried to rank them or anything until the end when we will decide based on facts and what is best for Tum."

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