The Francis Train Rolling Through More Campuses

The Torin Francis tour continues. He's been to at least six schools by our count on his own dime and the final leg of the tour has just two more stops remaining.

Georgia Tech, Notre Dame Remain

Where does Torin Francis get all this energy? After a summer of competing for championships with BABC, Torin Francis hit the road for a few more unofficial visits.

So far, he's been to Boston College, Maryland, Georgetown, Florida, Virginia and most recently North Carolina; did we forget anyone?. The Tar Heels hosted the big fella on Monday and he rolled out of town for his next visit to another ACC school.

On Tuesday, Francis headed further south for a visit to Georgia Tech where Paul Hewitt and his staff have been awaiting his arrival. But, the trip won't be complete once Francis finishes up with the Yellow Jackets. On Wednesday, he'll be in South Bend for a chat with Notre Dame and coach Mike Brey.

You have to admire this kid for his ability to get around. He's created a schedule and is sticking to it. It's a big time commitment to take that many unofficial visits and slip them in while having a busy spring and great month of July on the circuit.

There is talk that Francis may end up committing before the end of August and it makes sense. What else does he have to do? By the end of the week, he'll have completed his comparison-shopping and will have even had a few days to let it all soak in.

Francis is one of those domino guys. His decision could impact what a number of others do. Along with Shelden Williams and possibly Sean May, he's one of those kids who is tied to a lot of programs where he goes might just impact the decision of another prospect. The big kids have been holding out but how much longer? Williams is heading to Duke later this month. May will be in Chapel Hill later this week and only God knows how many times he's been to see Indiana in his life?

Could we have an August flurry? You better believe we could.

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