Workout Takeout: Zach Brown

It's almost a certainty that Brown will receive the highest possible level of collegiate attention. Already standing 7-1, very few players in his class possess that kind of size.

And he has talent, too. Zach Brown's hands would impress on a player three classes ahead of him, and a freshman who can change ends and convert obviously will captivate big-time college coaches.

No, he's not a finished product by a long stretch. Brown doesn't finish particularly well in traffic, misses some bunnies, and absolutely must improve his conditioning. The other necessary caveat is that, by age, he could be a Class of 2016 or even Class of 2015 prospect.

Nevertheless, 7-1 is tall whether you're 16-years-old or 46, and he boasts very long arms as well. Brown runs the floor pretty well (albeit in somewhat shuffling fashion) and makes difficult catches even on the run. He dunks frequently and plays with a little bit of a mean streak — this isn't a big man who avoids contact.

Now to answer the obvious question. For the time being, the plan remains for him to finish out his prep exploits in 2017 and not to re-classify forward, an increasingly popular trend.

I wrote during the weekend that last year it was big man Joel Embiid who stole the show at this event. This year, it was a far less polished, yet also younger center. You'll be hearing much more from Brown as his career progresses.

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