Announcement Primer: Goodluck Okonoboh

Four-star center Goodluck Okonoboh is set to announce his decision Thursday night. Here is a preview of the choice and a look at his recruitment as well as his skill set.

The Recruitment

For Goodluck Okonoboh this one has been all over the map. At first he was a member of the 2013 class before deciding to re-classify to 2014, and with that his recruitment seemed to completely change.

Okonoboh was always somebody who had high-major interest because of his ability to block shots and rebound at his size, but things seemed to really go to the next level for him when he decided to go into 2014.

At first it seemed that Syracuse might be the team to beat. The Orange had a lot of connections to Okonoboh through his former AAU program, BABC, and also they played a style that seemed to fit his game with the 2-3 zone. However it wasn't just Syracuse, you also had Missouri making a strong push, and then Kentucky seemed to be in the mix as well.

As time went on though, that all changed. Indiana seemed to emerge as the leader putting in the most work with Okonoboh. However the Hoosiers never seemed to quite shut the door on teams. UNLV, Ohio State, and Florida all were able to hang around, with Okonoboh deciding to officially visit the Rebels and Buckeyes.

After visiting Indiana, UNLV, and Ohio State, Okonoboh decided it was time to make a decision and officially set up his commitment date.

The Talent

When it comes to protecting the rim very few are better than Okonoboh. The 6-foot-9 center is one of the truly elite defenders in the class. He combines a quick bounce off the floor with long arms and good anticipation which allows Okonoboh to block a lot of shots.

Beyond the shot blocking, Okonoboh is also an excellent rebounder. He combines those same physical gifts that make him an excellent shot blocker with a high motor and toughness that allow him to rebound at an elite level. Also Okonoboh has continued to get stronger over the course of his high school career and that has helped him quite a bit.

Offensively Okonoboh is a work in progress right now. He has a lot of athleticism and can finish with dunks and layups, but he is raw in terms of his ability to score outside of five feet. His hands aren't bad, but he doesn't have the natural feel for how to get things done on the offensive end yet, though he has been improving in that area.

Overall as a rebounder/defender, very few are better than Okonoboh and he can really be a game changer on that end of the floor. Not many kids can have a huge impact on a game without scoring, but Okonoboh is one of them.

The Prediction

Brian Snow: If I was making this pick 72 hours ago the choice would have been easy, I would have said Indiana. The Hoosiers were the presumed leader for a long time, and things seemed to be in their favor. However it isn't 72 hours ago, and multiple sources indicate the choice will not be IU. That leaves Ohio State and UNLV. While it is tough to get a great feel on which way he is leaning, the thought is that he will stay in the Big Ten. Ohio State came on very strong at the end of this recruitment and I think that momentum gets them the commitment, but it would be by no means a shocker if he picked UNLV either. The Pick: Ohio State

Evan Daniels: It's certainly a race between Ohio State and UNLV and I truly could see it going either way. UNLV has a strong connection with Okonoboh through a current player. Ohio State also made a strong impression on him during a visit and, as Brian indicated, did a great job down the stretch. I'll go with OSU for my prediction, but I'm not necessarily confident in him being a Buckeye. The Pick: Ohio State

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