USA Basketball: Day One Standouts

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- The first of two days at the USA Basketball Developmental Camp is in the books. Through two three hour sessions, eight prospects stood above the rest. Who were the top performers?

Size: 6-5/190 |
Quick Take: One of the top two shooting guards in 2014, Vaughn has been getting plenty of reps going up against some talented teammates in practice on a daily basis at Findlay Prep and it definitely showed on Saturday. Vaughn stepped into the gym ready to go and he had a productive day both knocking down jump shots and finishing above the rim with some explosive dunks. It was a very impressive opening session for the five-star prospect.

Recruiting: Arizona, Baylor, Iowa State, Kansas, Minnesota, North Carolina, UNLV

Size: 7-7/210 |
Quick Take: Almost every time you watch Oubre after a few months break you come away thinking he's an even better prospect than he was before. Oubre definitely inspired those sentiments with his play on Saturday. He's always had the perfect frame and for a high school small forward, but his jumper continues to go in a good direction and he was feeling it for the majority of the first two sessions at USA.

Recruiting: Connecticut, Florida, Georgetown, Kansas, Kentucky, Oregon, UNLV

Size: 7-0/240 |
Quick Take: An elite shot blocker, Turner is just a menace to try and score on with his size, length, bounce and timing on defense. On Saturday, when slashers made their way into Turner's lane,'s 2nd ranked player would most often either send the shot the other direction or intimidate the driver into forcing a shot he wasn't comfortable with. On offense, Turner got his share of easily baskets in transition.

Recruiting: Arizona, Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, Ohio State, Oklahoma State, SMU, Texas

Size: 6-4/195 |
Quick Take: There may not have been a better player during Saturday's morning session and Blackmon definitely continued his impressive play in the evening. One of the class of 2014's best shooters, Blackmon had his shot working at a very high level on Saturday, to the point where if he put a shot up, you just assumed it was going to fall. Further, he was drilling floaters, making him even more difficult to guard.

Recruiting: Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Michigan State

Size: 7-10/220 |
Quick Take: One player that showed improvement on day one of camp was Thomas Bryant. Throughout the two sessions, Bryant was aggressive and competed on both ends of the floor. Although he won't necessarily impress with his skill, he can finish close to the rim with both hands and looks to dunk at every opportunity. Defensively he played physical, made it tough for the opposition to catch the ball on the block and protected the rim.

Recruiting: Arizona, Connecticut, Rutgers, St. John's, UNC, Syracuse, Villanova and West Virginia

Size: 7-10/255 |
Quick Take: Diamond Stone was steady, consistent and effective on day one of camp. Before Jahlil Okafor went down with an injury, Stone and the top player in 2014 were going at it in the paint. Stone displayed very good hands and touch, plus good footwork on the block. He has a go-to hook and is even capable of stepping out for mid-range jumpers. Offensively he's gifted and quite comfortable on the block when he gets touches.

Recruiting: Arizona, North Carolina, Kentucky, UConn, Georgetown, Indiana, Marquette, UCLA, Wisconsin and UCLA

Size: 7-6/190 |
Quick Take: After a so-so first session, Derrick Jones ramped up his intensity and his play during the night session on Saturday. Jones, a 6-foot-6 wing with wide shoulders and a lengthy set of arms, was aggressive with his drives to the rim and went up to the rim strong. A very good athlete, Jones finished off a number of his drives with dunks. He also showed an improved handle and made shots from mid-range off the dribble.

Recruiting: Kentucky, Syracuse, Temple, Villanova, Penn State

Size: 6-1/175 |
Quick Take:'s No. 4 ranked recruit was up to his old tricks Saturday evening. Jones got a piece of the paint when he wanted to do and consistently found his teammates for easy buckets. As usual he also handled the ball with care. Jones is such a good decision maker with the ball and he handles pressure extremely well. It's tough to speed him up, as he plays at the pace he wants to. Jones is comfortable in this environment and was clearly the top lead guard in attendance on day one.

Recruiting: Baylor, Duke, Kansas

Size: 6-2/170 |
Quick Take: Tyus Jones was the most impressive point guard of the day, but Derryck Thornton, a 6-foot-1 sophomore, was just behind him. Thornton played with poise, found ways into the paint and looked to set up his teammates. While his ability to run the show impressed on-lookers, so did his on the ball defense. He competed on that end of the floor, made it difficult on the opposition and moved his feet well.

Recruiting: Arizona, Connecticut, Harvard, Kentucky, New Mexico, Oreton State, Pepperdine, San Diego State, UCLA, UNLV, USC UTEP, Washington

Size: 6-2/175 |
Quick Take: By now most recruitniks are quite aware of Seventh Woods' explosive athleticism. So it wasn't a surprise to see Woods racing up and down the floor and making acrobatic plays in transition. When Woods is able to get on the break he's tough to contain, as he's an elite athlete with terrific speed, a very good finisher at the rim and aggressive with his drives. At this stage, he's a combination guard with a lot of impressive tools at his disposal.

Recruiting: Clemson, Duke, North Carolina, South Carolina

Evan Daniels and Josh Gershon contributed to this report

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