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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Myles Turner, a standout at Euless (Tex.) Trinity, sat down with at the USA Basketball Developmental Training camp to discuss the latest in his recruitment.

You went from somewhat unknown to a top three prospect, how has the experience been?:
It's been a lot of fun. Not too many people are blessed enough to be in this position. But it's also very different. People treat you differently. People before may never talk to you, might start talking to you more. It's just a whole social adjustment. It's very weird.

Where does everything stand with your recruitment?
I have my list down to eight. I'm going to start taking visits. I'm not quite sure where I'm going to go yet. I'm definitely going to take a visit on October 18th. I think that's between Kentucky, Duke and Oklahoma State. I'm going to start knocking out my visits.

Originally you were going to visit Kansas this weekend, what sticks out to you about the Jayhawks?
Just Bill Self. The way he's been able to develop posts and get them to the league. That's what sticks out to me the most and their history.

What about Kentucky they seemed to have picked up their interest with you as of late?
Coach Calipari speaks for himself. Really the home visit opened my eyes a lot. He's very business like. He really wants you to come in there and he's the merchantry. I just learned a lot about him.

I would say they probably turned it up a little more. He would always call and text my dad. He texted me a little. But it got heavier after that.

SMU made your list of eight schools, does Emmanuel Mudiay going there changing anything in regards to your recruitment?
I guess it changes things a little bit. I like playing with Mudiay because I think we complement each others games pretty well and the fact that he can take over whenever he wants is cool to watch. As far as teaming up, I'm going to somewhere that fits me the most. If that's with Mudiay and I take a visit there and decide that's where it is, that would be awesome but I definitely have to look out for me in this instance.

What are your thoughts on Oklahoma State?
I really like coach Ford and really their whole coaching staff. I know their coaching staff the best of all the schools I've been talking to. They've been involved the longest and I have a good relationship with everybody.

I love their facilities. I love the little buzz going on there with Marcus Smart. I definitely just like their coaching staff the most.

What about Duke, you are considering a visit there in a few weeks, what do you like about them?
I really like coach K. he's really genuine in his approach to me. He told me straight up that I would come and he would get me out. But he said he couldn't do it by himself. He told me all the right things. I definitely want to see it in action, but he definitely spoke a great game.

Arizona is also in your final eight, what do sticks out about them?
Coach Damon Stoudamire, me and him have a great relationship. He kind of started talking to me my freshman year. He came to one of our select workouts and he knew one of our coaches. I met him there. From then on we've been talking to each other. When he went to Arizona we kept in contact.

What about Texas?
I definitely like it because it's the hometown [school]. I really like what they've done in the past there and the fact that I might be able to go in there and change things up a little bit. The program itself has been down lately. But they told me a lot of great things. They said I can go in there and make a big impact. Plus I'm a Texas kid. So it's cool to have the Texas connection.

Louisville is also on your list where do things stand with them?
I haven't been really talking to Louisville too much. They heated up on me in the middle of the summer and they kind of slowed down a little bit.

Do you think you will take all five official visits?
I thought about that the other night. If I see somewhere and I know that's where I want to go, then that's what I'm going to do. I will definitely commit and then sign during the late period. The plan right now is to take all five visits, but if someone sticks out to me the most then I'll probably just have to make my decision there.

Is signing early an option?
Honestly it's not. Just the fact that I haven't been able to take visits yet and really see what everybody has to offer. I definitely want to be able to see a school play this season.

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