Where will the big three land?

Myles Turner, Jahlil Okafor, and Cliff Alexander all have individual recruitments, but they are intertwined due to a lot of common schools. How it shakes out will be very interesting.

There is no storyline with greater intrigue than what the top three centers in the class of 2014 will do. Jahlil Okafor, Myles Turner, and Cliff Alexander are all top five prospects overall, and all have some similar schools on their list. Now as it is getting closer to the November signing period, the intrigue on how the three of them will impact each other is beginning to pick up and get more interesting.

On Tuesday Alexander announced that he is going to be making his college commitment public on November16. November 16 is in the middle of the early signing period. With that it is fairly logical to expect that he will sign an LOI during the early signing period.

That is important because right now it seems that Alexander is the only prospect of the three that will decide early. Both Turner and Okafor told Scout.com this past weekend at the USA Basketball Training Camp that they intend to sign late. Turner says he is 100 percent committed to the idea of signing late while Okafor seemed a little less sure, though indicated that is his current thought process.

Where this gets very interesting is when you bring up Kansas. Kansas might be considered the leader for all three kids individually, but the odds of any of the three going to the same school aren't very good. To this point while they haven't directly stated it in public, all three players behind the scenes have indicated a desire to be the man in their class at the position, and it is unlikely that one school could land two of the three players.

This is intriguing because the schools involved will have to make choices, and not just Kansas. Duke and Kentucky are both on the list for Turner and Okafor as well. Duke has been considered to be in a strong position with Okafor and his good friend Tyus Jones for a while, but lately they have also felt the need to turn up heat on Turner with Okafor seemingly liking Kansas more and more.

With Turner he might be more likely to stay close to home, but he is definitely planning to take an official visit to Duke, and also he is talking strongly about visiting Kentucky.

In relation to schools other than Kansas, Alexander is a bit on his own, and it seems like the Jayhawks and Illinois are the main two schools involved in his recruitment. Illinois isn't involved with Okafor or Turner, and is all in on Alexander. This makes things even more complex given that the Jayhawks probably have to make a choice.

Will Kansas go after Okafor who is more highly rated and could also help with Jones, but with him looking to sign late that gives the Jayhawks reason to pause. Would they like Alexander enough to go all out and potentially miss out on Turner and Okafor is a question.

Also Duke will likely have to make a choice in some way as well. Let's say Turner decides Duke is the place for him, would then take Turner and potentially risk losing Jones who is a point guard, a major position of need for the Blue Devils.

Overall it is getting very interesting for all three kids. No decision is coming soon from any of the three, and heck it isn't even 100 percent that Alexander will sign a letter of intent early, but some big decisions will have to be made and coaches have to make some important choices since all three elite centers are doing things on their own timeline.

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