Spooner Exploring Prep Options

As more and more schools find that the search for big men targets is tougher than anyone thought it would be we give you Dedric Spooner. The 6-8 forward who is originally from Milwaukee is presently making a decision as to which prep school he'll attend.

Charlotte, LaSalle In The Mix

Dedric Spooner, a 6-8/215 power forward, is originally from Milwaukee. But, it looks like he'll be heading East for his fifth and final year of prep basketball. Spooner is considering a move to Maine Central or Brewster Academy. "We are trying to work on that right now," Spooner said.

We saw Spooner play in Las Vegas when he was with Sam Rines II in pool play. He's big, plays hard and can score on the blocks. All encouraging signs for a player in a year where big men are at a premium.

"At this point there isn't a leader," Spooner said. "I'm not really locked onto anybody." He did say that Charlotte and LaSalle were showing the most interest in him. "It's been hard to get in contact with me. I've been in and out. [Schools] are just missing me."

Spooner needs to take the SAT/ACT prior to making any visits, as he's yet to take the test. However, he is pleased that he was able to get some things done in Vegas. "I felt that I did a few things as far as getting things accomplished. I guess [schools] like that I worked hard out there on the court. But, I'm still trying to figure out what school I'm heading to next year. I'll be a fifth-year."

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