's Ultimate 100

The normal way to look at recruiting rankings has always been based on each particular class. Today, however, we are releasing the Ultimate 100, which takes a look at the top 100 prospects regardless of class.


Have you ever wondered how prospects match up across the entire landscape of recruiting, not just in their recruiting class? Well, we did. So with that in mind, today we are releasing the Ultimate 100.

The Ultimate 100 (Full List)
1 Jahlil OkaforC2014
2 Harry GilesPF2016
3 Myles TurnerC2014
4 Emmanuel MudiayPG2014
5 Tyus JonesPG2014
6 Malik NewmanSG2015
7 Diamond StoneC2015
8 Cliff AlexanderC2014
9 Kelly OubreSF2014
10 Jayson TatumSF2016
The Ultimate 100 is a list that takes into account the top players in the country, regardless of class. While putting together such a list, has its difficulties, mainly because the prospects are in different stages of developments, it certainly has some value and gives you an idea of where players match up between classes.

Keep in mind that at this point in the year, we have a lot more information, knowledge and evaluations of the upperclassmen, but that didn't stop us from mining our assessments and rankings the top players in the country, regardless of class.

The No. 1 player in the 2014 class -- Jahlil Okafor – is also the top prospect in the Ultimate 100.

With his impressive blend of size and skill, Okafor was the easy choice to top this list. His scoring arsenal on the block is effective and efficient, plus he's a good mid-range shooter, a great passer out of the high post and very good rebounder.

While Okafor seems like the safe and easy pick for the top slot in the Ultimate 100, our No. 2 prospect Harry Giles, may not be.

Giles, who is currently sitting out due to an ACL and MCL tear, is just a 2016 recruit. After multiple viewings in the spring prior to his injury, it was clear that Giles was a special talent with a lot of raw ability. At that time, Giles stood 6-foot-8. Now he stands 6-foot-10.

At that size, Giles can impact the game inside and out. He has perimeter skills, showed off a good jump shot out to the three-point line and is a very good athlete with terrific mobility. Unfortunately because of his injury, Giles is forced to the sidelines for his entire sophomore season.

Jayson Tatum is No. 10 overall
Myles Turner,'s No. 2 prospect in 2014, checks in at No. 3 overall in the Ultimate 100. Turner is the best defensive presence in high school basketball and impacts the game by just being on the floor. Offensively he's still developing, but already has a consistent jump shot out to 21-feet.

The top two point guards in the 2014 class – Emmanuel Mudiay and Tyus Jones – round out the Ultimate 100 top five.

The top 10 includes four underclassmen. To go with Giles, Malik Newman, the No. 1 prospect in 2015, finished No. 6 in the country. Diamond Stone and Jayson Tatum were the other two underclassmen among the top 10.

The 2014 class landed the most prospects on the list with 45. The 2015 class, which isn't considered deep, has 30 prospects in the top 100. 22 players made the list from the 2016 class, which certainly appears strong early on, and three incoming freshman found there way to the Ultimate 100.


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