Announcement Primer: Kevon Looney

Five-star power forward Kevon Looney is on the verge of a college commitment. Here is a look at his talent, his recruitment, and ultimately what school we think he will choose.

The Recruitment

Things started off early for Kevon Looney on the recruiting trail. He opened up eyes as a freshman, and from there it was on. Looney was the subject of a lot of interest. Schools such as Marquette, Wisconsin, and Michigan State jumped in on him early.

Soon thereafter it was Michigan, Purdue, Indiana, Florida, Tennessee, and a whole host of others. By the end of things Duke and UCLA also got in the mix, and basically Looney had his pick of any school he wanted.

However one thing was consistent with Looney, he told nobody a thing. In recent memory no one has kept his recruitment closer to the vest than Looney. The 6-foot-8 forward kept everybody guessing every single step of the way, and that continued all the way up to the morning of his decision.

Now it is down to six schools, UCLA, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Duke, Florida, and Michigan State, with no clear leader. Still he made his official visits, and Looney has done all of his homework on the coaches and programs involved.

The Talent

The thing that immediately stands out about Looney is his ability to rebound the basketball. Looney has an incredible ability to hit the glass. He combines excellent natural instinct for knowing how a ball will come off the rim with a good motor and excellent length and athleticism. He rebounds on both the offensive and defensive end, and simply makes things happen giving his team second shots.

Though he is a somewhat thin 6-foot-8, Looney is definitely still best as a power forward right now. Looney's skills aren't yet refined enough for him to play too far away from the basket. Now off the catch with his feet set he can hit a jumper out to the three point line, but he isn't someone who scares a defense outside of about 12 feet.

Looney is a hard worker and will defend, and his length allows him to make up for the fact that isn't extremely tall or strong for his position. Overall he is a good defender, an elite rebounder, and someone who has just enough offense to be effective on both ends of the floor.

The Prediction

Brian Snow: No kid in the country has been more difficult to figure out than Looney. Literally nobody has any idea what he is doing. Word is he is down to two schools, but figuring out which two are impossible. During the spring it seemed like Duke was the pick, but that has kind of cooled some, though they still could easily get him. With no clear leader I will go with the staff that he is most familiar with and pick the Volunteers. Prediction: Tennessee

Evan Daniels: Kevon Looney will announce Thursday afternoon and his recruitment is a tough one to figure out. In the past two days, I've had one coach refer to his recruitment as a "coin flip" and another say it was the "strangest recruitment ever." There's a group of people that think Looney is headed to Tennessee, while some think Duke, I'm going to go with Florida on this one. Billy Donovan saw him on Wednesday and although they just took another forward in Devin Robinson, the Gators seems to have the momentum. Prediction: Florida

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