Announcement Primer: James Blackmon

Here is a look at four-star shooting guard James Blackmon's recruitment, his skills, and a prediction on where he will end up for college.

The Recruitment

The recruitment of James Blackmon seemed to be over before it even got started. After attending the Indiana University Elite Camp during the summer before his freshman year of high school, Blackmon received an offer. Upon getting the offer it didn't take much time, Blackmon committed to the in-state school.

However after being committed to the Hoosiers for a full three years, Blackmon decided in August to re-open his recruitment. Almost immediately the schools came out of the woodwork tripping over themselves to offer the four-star shooting guard a scholarship.

Right away a lot of focus was put on Kentucky. His father played for the Wildcats, and there was a lot of reason for connection there. Beyond the Wildcats, Purdue, Michigan, Michigan State, Louisville, Kansas, North Carolina, and others all came forward and offered a scholarship.

In the end though it was Kentucky, Michigan, and Indiana that seemed to survive all the visits and make his final list. Blackmon himself never gave too many hints away, but those schools definitely seemed to be in the best position leading up to him setting his announcement.

The Talent

Blackmon does one thing better than about any other person in high school basketball, he makes shots. There is absolutely no better skill to have in the game of basketball than to be able to make shots, and Blackmon does it the best. His form is picture perfect, and has a quick release that allows him to make shots from well beyond the three point line.

At this point Blackmon is still refining the rest of his game. He is a pretty good athlete, though not supremely explosive, has a decent handle where you aren't going to take the ball from him, and also has decent floor vision. However none of those skills are seen as excellent for a player who is slightly undersized to play the shooting guard.

Still when it comes to putting the ball in the basket, Blackmon does it as well as about anybody. He knows how to play and has gotten better throughout his high school career.

The Prediction

Brian Snow: This one seemingly has been down to Indiana, Michigan, and Kentucky for a while. All the buzz since the day he de-committed has centered around the Wildcats, but in the last 48 hours things have seemed to switch directions. Now did Blackmon simply change his mind, was the information wrong in the first place, or is it a great smoke screen, that is up for debate. However the best information currently leads Blackmon to stay in-state. Prediction: Indiana

Evan Daniels: For the longest time Kentucky seemed like the obvious choice, but there's been quite a bit of back and forth on Thursday. The latest reports suggest that Blackmon will end up at Indiana so that's my prediction. Would it surprise me if he went to Kentucky? No. But Indiana is the prediction. Prediction: Indiana

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