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There are currently 10 available prospects in's top 100. Who is left and what are their current situations? Here's the breakdown.

Size: 7-11/260 |
Quick Take: Jahlil Okafor,'s No.1 player in the 2014 class, will announce his college decision on Friday at Chicago (Ill.) Whitney Young at 4:00 ET. Okafor has taken official visits to his finalists – Baylor, Duke and Kansas. Okafor is anouncing at the same time as his best friend -- Tyus Jones. The two are expected to choose the same school. They visited all three of their finalists togethers.

Recruiting:Baylor, Duke & Kansas

Size: 7-0/240 |
Quick Take: Turner is one of the players that we know will wait until the spring signing period to make his college choice. To date, he's only take one official visit (Ohio State) and he intends on taking at least a few more. Turner's senior season begins in a few weeks and he told he would like to take one more official visit before it begins. Don't expect a college decision from Turner,'s No. 2 prospect, anytime soon.

Recruiting: Arizona, Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, Ohio State, Oklahoma State & Texas

Size: 6-1/175 |
Quick Take: As stated above, Jones,'s No. 4 player, will announce his college choice on Friday. Jones will announce at his school -- Apple Valley (Minn.) High -- at 4:00 ET. Jones is expected to pick the same school as Jahlil Okafor. They took official visits to Baylor, Duke and Kansas together. Duke and Kansas are the heavy favorites.

Recruiting: Baylor, Duke & Kansas

Size: 7-9/260 |
Quick Take:
The Chicago (Ill.) Curie standout will announce his college decision on November 15th. After taking official visits to the four schools on his list, he also visited Illinois unofficially the weekend of November 2nd and visited Kansas unofficially this past weekend. DePaul and Illinois obviously have proximity in their favor, but Alexander's girlfriend is currently on Kansas' women's team.
Recruiting: DePaul, Illinois, Kansas & Memphis

Size: 7-6/225 |
Quick Take: To date, Johnson has taken official visits to Arizona, Kentucky and USC. Florida and Oregon are also on his list, but he never took visits. Johnson, a five-star wing, will announce on Friday during ESPN's Signing Day special. Arizona is the heavy favorite.

Recruiting: Arizona, Florida, Kentucky, Oregon, USC

Size: 7-6/205 |
Quick Take: Winslow's recruitment has been an interesting one to follow. He's taken visits to Arizona, Duke, Florida, Stanford, Texas A&M and UCLA. Some like Arizona, Texas A&M and UCLA have received multiple visits. There was some talk that he'd like to play with Jahlil Okafor and Tyus Jones, as he won a Gold Medal with them with USA Basketball. It would appear that he's close to a decision and although he hasn't set a date, word is he may set up a press conference at his school sometime during the seven day period.

Recruiting: Arizona, Duke, Florida, Stanford, Texas A&M, UCLA
Size: 6-5/190 |
Quick Take: Vaughn will wait and sign during the second signing period. Vaughn visits Iowa State officially this weekend and is expected to take an official visit to UNLV the weekend of November 25th. While there are a handful of other schools involved, Iowa State and UNLV appear to be in the best shape to land Vaughn.

Recruiting: Arizona, Baylor, Iowa State, Kansas, Minnesota, North Carolina, UNLV
Size: 6-4/210 |
Quick Take: Since backing off his pledge to Louisville, Lyle's recruitment has been interesting. He's taken recent unofficial visits to Memphis and West Virginia, but the school that appears the one to beat is Indiana. They heavily pursued him prior to his commitment to Louisville and appear to be in the drivers seat. While I don't expect Lyle to announce during the early period, it's not something I would count completely out.

Recruiting: Connecticut, Indiana, Memphis, West Virginia
Size: 7-8/190 |
Quick Take: Bolden, a native of Australia, told colleague Josh Gershon less than two weeks ago that his plan is to take the ACT and cut his list down to five. Once he does that he'll begin taking official visits. He hasn't set up any visit dates. Bolden is one of the few top 100 prospects that isn't expected to make a decision and sign during the early period.

Recruiting: Arizona, Auburn, Indiana, Louisville, LSU, Michigan, Oregon State, SMU, UCLA, UNLV & Vanderbilt
Size: 7-0/245 |
Quick Take: The top 50 recruit is closing in on a decision. Welsh, a top 50 recruit, has taken recent officials and unofficial visits to California and UCLA. This past week he also took an official visit to Stanford. Welsh's plan has been to decide and sign during the early signing period. He hasn't set an exact date for his college announcement.

Recruiting: California, Stanford, UCLA, Colorado

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