Roundtable: Package deals?

The fall signing period's drama mostly is complete, and the early period was punctuated by Jahlil Okafor and Tyus Jones simultaneously committing to Duke.

For years, most package deals have fallen flat. Even when players have insisted they'd mutually choose a school, more often than not they've made independent decisions.

But now that Okafor and Jones — who spoke about attending the same college for years — have followed through on their promise, perhaps more package deals will come to fruition in upcoming recruiting classes?

That's this week's topic, and we queried analysts Josh Gershon, Brian Snow and Rob Harrington to discuss.

JG: It's been a really infrequent occurrence over the last decade, and I don't think there's a reason to think that's about to change. If LeBron/Bosh to the Heat didn't change the culture, I don't think Okafor/Jones to Duke will.

There will always be package deals, but I think Okafor and Jones to Duke was a once in a decade exception, just like Greg Oden and Michael Conley to Ohio State. I don't think we're going to see a much bigger amount of them moving forward.

BS: I don't think you will see it very often. Not many times will kids be thinking in those terms like Jahlil and Tyus. Also, it is just quite simply really difficult for two kids to come to the same decision on virtually anything, let alone something as unique as their college decision.

It will still happen, but I definitely think it will be the exception rather than the rule.

RH: I wouldn't be surprised if these kinds of deals become more commonplace. I don't think the LeBron James thing holds much impact — after all, "The Decision" was now more than three years ago — but rather the relationships among players that congeal at an early age and also due to the effect of social media.

I'd expect these decisions to surface more from the EYBL circuit due to that league's enhanced structure and the familiarity that breeds as a result. That was the case for Okafor and Jones, and Twitter and other media have made keeping in contact extremely easy.

Moreover, players have become so savvy on their social media accounts that I think the idea of amplifying their recruiting drama is simply fun. Okafor and Jones generated more suspense than any single fall recruitment from a year ago, including that for Jabari Parker.

So, for me, I predict we'll see one high-major bound duo making a joint decision at least every other year.

Josh Gerson, Brian Snow and Rob Harrington contributed to this report

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