Announcement Primer: Malachi Richardson

Friday afternoon Malachi Richardson will announce his commitment. Here is a look at his recruitment, his talent, and where we think he will end up.

The Recruitment

The recruiting process started early for Malachi Richardson. As a freshman he began opening eyes with his play at Trenton (NJ) Catholic, and things never really slowed down for Richardson. Schools such as Syracuse, Villanova, Rutgers, Connecticut, and Seton Hall all made early runs at Richardson.

Along with those schools, Indiana, Arizona, Ohio State, and Florida would throw their hat in the ring, but of all the schools not in his backyard it seemed like the Hoosiers were doing the best work.

Indiana was able to get Richardson on campus multiple times unofficially. Richardson flew from his home in New Jersey on multiple occasions to Indiana, and it seemed that the Hoosiers were in the best position during the month of July and through the summer.

However beginning in the fall, Connecticut, Villanova, and Syracuse really started making their run, especially the Orange. Syracuse was able to get Richardson on campus, and they have always recruited well in that part of the country.

Down the stretch the Hoosiers seemed to fade with a crowded backcourt and distance from home being issues, really opening up the door for the Huskies and Orange to make a run.

The Talent

The first and most obvious thing when seeing Richardson play is his ability to shoot the basketball. At around 6-foot-6 with long arms, Richardson can get his shot off against virtually any wing, and when he gets a clean look at the rim, the ball usually goes in.

While as a freshman Richardson was mostly just a shooter, now he is somebody who can make things happen in other aspects of the game. He has improved off the dribble as a driver, he can pass some, and he is paying better attention to things on the defensive end of the floor as well.

Richardson is becoming a complete wing, but his bread and butter remains shooting the basketball. While not an elite knockdown guy, he is so good from the outside and in the mid-range, that he just finds a way to get the ball in the bucket, and does so fairly efficiently as well.

Overall Richardson is one of the best scorers in the class, and is somebody who looks ready to put up points very early in his college career. As he continues to fill out and get stronger the rest of his game should take a major leap forward, and Richardson should become one of the better scorers in college basketball before his career is all said and done.


Brian Snow: For a while it looked like the Hoosiers were the clear team to beat, but more and more they began to taper off. Indiana now seems like a major long shot, and all of the buzz behind the scenes is that Richardson will head to Syracuse. He visited the Orange recently and had a great time, and he feels he fits in well with what they like to do on both ends of the floor. It would be a major upset if he didn't make his home in the ACC. The Prediction: Syracuse

Evan Daniels: Heading into Richardon's announcement all signs are pointing to Syracuse. The talented wings most visit was to Syracuse for their game against one of his other finalists -- Indiana. The Orangemen have made him a priority and ultimately that's who I think he chooses on Friday. The Prediction: Syracuse.

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