Roundtable: One wish for 2014

Three national basketball analysts sat down in a virtual sense what they would like to see transpire over the next 12 months and beyond,

Our discussion this week is brief yet pertinent to the future of the game. What one scout desires may run completely counter to the wishes of another. That said, here's what some on the Scout team would like to see take shape.

Josh Gershon: The more of an effort that can be spent informing kids, parents and mentors right from wrong early in the process, the better kids can be prepared for college and maybe even saved from what a lot of times is inevitable underachieving careers.

Whenever I see a talented senior who plays the wrong way and is a transfer waiting to happen in college, I wonder what would have happened if the kid and the people around him were given better advice years earlier and someone had helped mold him into a better prospect. Grassroots does a great job of giving kids exposure, reps and competition that they wouldn't otherwise have. The more it can be used as a teaching tool to help kids and parents who badly need the help, the better.

Evan Daniels: The thing that I'd like to see the most is more events where the shoe company teams are playing each other. It's very rare to see an event with teams from Nike, Under Armour & adidas. I want to see the best against the best, regardless of shoe affiliation.

Rob Harrington: I'd like to see the NCAA alter the recruiting calendar. Rather than two spring weekends and a full July, I wish they would spread the live periods around to cover each month of spring and summer. Even if that meant cutting down July itself slightly, so be it. It's too late for 2014, obviously, but it would for better evaluations and ultimately fewer transfers. Selfishly, it would create more opportunities for stars like Diamond Stone and Doral Moore to do battle. Bring it.

Josh Gershon, Evan Daniels and Rob Harrington contributed to this report.

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