2017 Intro: Kris Wilkes

Class of 2017 prospect Kris Wilkes has a pair of early offers and has begun to step up his game.

Not many prospects in the class of 2017 can say they already have two high-major offers, but Kris Wilkes is one that can. The Indianapolis (Ind.) North Central product has a ton of potential, and is just now hitting his stride during his freshman year.

At 6-foot-5 with good athleticism, solid skill, and a ton of potential, Wilkes has emerged as one of the Midwest's top 2017 targets. Now he is working on his game and has continually improved as the season has gone along.

"I have learned that varsity is way different than AAU and eighth grade basketball," said Wilkes. "It is a lot harder, screens are better, boxing out is tougher, and just everything."

He continued, "I know I have to work on my defense. I am not getting low enough on defense and then I also have to do a better job of rebounding."

Recruiting wise it is very early for Wilkes, but he picked up early offers from Purdue and Indiana, and then also has interest from schools such as Butler, Notre Dame, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, and Xavier.

About those early offers, Wilkes said, "It felt really good. I was really excited to get those offers."

Purdue had Wilkes and his high school team at their team camp in the summer and afterwards he picked up the offer. For Wilkes it was a big deal.

"They just talked to me and said they would really like to have me," said Wilkes of Purdue. "They just told me to keep working on my game and that they really want me to be in their program."

Indiana also came through with an early offer and they made it clear to Wilkes that he is a priority.

"It felt good because when I went down there I was the only one down there and they were focused on me," said Wilkes of the Hoosiers. "They offered me and told me what I do well and what I need to work on."

For now the focus for Wilkes is on his season, and he thinks this team can accomplish a lot of good things.

"I think we can do really good the rest of the year," said Wilkes. "We just have to continue to work hard and we can do really well."

Things are just now beginning for Wilkes, and he has the look of somebody who will be heard from quite a bit over the next few years.

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