UAHSS Takeout: Dominique Collier

Of the high-major signees to play at the Under Armour High School Showcase this past weekend, Collier typically receives less buzz than others. But his performance on Saturday afternoon certainly opened some eyes.

From a physical standpoint, Dominique Collier looks similar now to the way he did three years ago. A very slight point guard who has yet to put on anything close to college-ready weight, there's no question that his play versus national competition at times has suffered due to a severe strength disadvantage.

But even while his body lags, his skill level continues to increase. Collier's positives and negatives all bore fruit over the weekend, as his Denver (Colo.) East club fell to local Charlotte (N.C.) Northside Christian.

One look at the stats tells a large portion of the story. Collier shot a torrid 8-14 on three-pointers — including a couple of ridiculous stepback threes from the corner — yet shot only 2-12 on twos en route to 35 points. That disparity speaks to his newfound effectiveness as a shooter as well as his limitations when attempting to score in traffic.

For that reason, I don't project great success for Collier as a freshman. Colorado's program continues to make strides and the Buffs may not require immediate stardom from him, anyway, which should work to everyone's advantage.

Collier is a fine ballhandler, playmaker and effective scorer off the dribble, and now he's far more confident with his long-range shot. He has begun to hunt them and, while he doesn't want to fall in love with his threes as the expense of his other talents, that bodes well for his fit with the Buffs' offense.

Upon gaining strength, many of his other attributes will bloom. He's a nice body control finisher who simply can't take a hit right now, but down the road that agility and touch around the rim should enable him to become an effective offensive factor at several different levels. Additionally, he should develop into a fine Pac-12 defender.

Athletically, I rate Collier as above-average but certainly not outstanding for the big leagues. He's quick but doesn't have an extra gear in the fullcourt or an explosive stop-and-go game. He's all-around quick without being a jet, but as long as he shoots well he won't need to be among the league's best athletes.

All in all, Collier appears like a solid four star prospect and certainly is a fine pickup for a fast-improving, in-state program.

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