Samir Doughty: Junior Primer

We're at the point now in this Primer series that the players receiving profiles are likely to experience far greater rankings volatility than those at the top of the class. That's how it always works, and between now and the fall numerous changes will occur. And yet, Doughty's place in the college game appears secure.

Samir Doughty isn't about flash. He doesn't possess explosive quickness or the theatrical playmaking ability that have defined other Philadelphia guards. What he does have is a confident, tough style and significant experience against stout competition.

The 2013 travel circuit served as a valuable platform for Doughty. He first earned notice at the Hoop Group Pittsburgh event in April, where he used his slick ball-handling ability and knack for changing speeds to create for himself and others. He tracked as a future combo guard who could contribute at either backcourt position in college.

He further impressed at July's Reebok Breakout Classic. On a camp team with some less talented teammates — and playing in front of college coaches — he was effective as both a scorer and distributor.

Though naturally right-handed, Doughty drives capably going right or left. He doesn't finish with dunks but does use the glass well with either hand. His dribbling is tight and his court awareness advanced for his game, and he has shown a knack for making shots in the paint off the wrong foot. Given his relative athletic limitations, those shots could become vital for him at the next level.

Offensively, he most closely resembles a scoring lead guard. He's much better off the dribble than he is from long-range, where his jump shot has been rare during my viewings. He'll have to at least attempt a few more jumpers in college. But as a dribbler, scorer and solid playmaker, he could run the point.

On defense, I prefer him as a wing. Doughty lacks top-shelf quickness, speed and lateral movement, and thus his 6-3 frame will be put to use best defending off the ball. Meanwhile, I saw him earlier this month and he appears to have filled out since last summer: That bodes very well for his odds of transitioning to the wing, should that be required.

Over the next few months Doughty will receive the opportunity to prove that he can play his style effectively against the most celebrated opponents. He'll enjoy invitations to prestigious camps, and players without superlative physical gifts almost always have the most to prove. His skill level is high even if he's less exciting at the rim, and chances are he'll continue to impress among his peers in the Class of 2015.

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