Marcus Derrickson: Junior Primer

For the past two years, Derrickson has been a featured attraction on the EYBL circuit with Team Takeover.

His stats haven't jumped off the page, but Marcus Derrickson certainly possesses sufficient size for the college level. And that doesn't pertain only to his height; he'll be able to toss his weight around against players even several years older.

Derrickson is one of those players whose body and skills don't match. He looks like a power player — and at 6-7, 245 pounds, to an extent he may need to be one — but actually does his best work facing the rim. The oddness of the fit does create some challenges that he'll need to overcome, but he holds an impressive skill level for a prospect with his dimensions.

Scouts and fans alike sometimes overlook the critical importance of hand-eye coordination, and Derrickson has very sure hands. One look at his dribbling skill and you can easily assess his coordination. The fact that he can catch the ball and put it on the deck gives him versatility and affords his coaches versatility in terms of how they'll use him.

His college choice made perfect sense. Georgetown is a strong local program and has succeeded with big guys playing away from the basket, so that's one marriage that should persist. Derrickson brings some jump shooting ability to the court as well, though his release is somewhat slow and he can be very streaky.

Beyond his skill level, he must condition his body into optimum fitness. On one hand it's good that he won't need to eat for the sake of calories — as many high school players must in order to stand their ground physically — but his quickness and leap would benefit if he shed some bad weight. Derrickson is unlikely ever to become an eye-catching finisher, but his face-up style requires a bit more athletic pop than he holds at present.

In great shape and in a system that's right for him (check), he could excel. I like him best posting up first and then stepping out to the face the rim, as I believe that will enable him to best exploit mismatches. If not posting up in a conventional sense, using his body to work the offensive glass and then utilize his advanced interior passing will create further offensive avenues for the Hoyas.

Derrickson may not be a sure thing, but he's a sure talent.

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