Giddens talks narrowed list

Daniel Giddens has narrowed down his list and six schools remain in the mix.

On Thursday night class of 2015 center Daniel Giddens from Marietta (Ga.) Wheeler narrowed his list of potential schools down to six. The heavily recruited Giddens had his choice of virtually any school in the country, but after long thought he decide to narrow things down.

The schools that made the cut for Giddens were Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, and Ohio State. All six have offered Giddens, and he said all were in the mix for a while.

"It has been something that has been a year in the making," said Giddens of narrowing down his list. "I had a couple of sleepless nights thinking about it, but the process was really fun. Now it is down to the six schools that I think I could have a good future with."

Giddens spoke about all six of his finalists and what appeals to him about each place.

Arizona: Down here in Georgia you don't see West Coast schools that much unless it is on ESPN or I don't have school and I can stay up late, but Coach (Damon) Stoudamire has told me some really good things. Also Coach (Sean) Miller told me on the phone how they plan to use me.

(Miller) told me they watched a lot of film of me from the summer time, and they have shown me a lot of interest. I have seen how they use their forwards and they have told me that they want to help me develop like Brandon Ashley where I can shoot from the outside and be a presence down low as well.

Florida: Their consistency and the way they have recruited me has been the same since day one. Now that I have seen them more and more, I can tell they look ready to make a deep run in the tournament. They have Chris Walker back and the way they run their system, it is like a pro offense. If you can succeed in their offense it definitely gets you ready for the next level.

Georgia: With Georgia the first thing you can do is take away athletics, and Georgia is one of the top schools in the country. That is one thing that has really attracted me to Georgia. Also the campus and the environment, just being there and being a Bulldog would be a great thing in the state.

Basketball wise they are building the program the right way. They are trying to get the top recruits not only in the south, but in Georgia to stay home. Coach (Mark) Fox and his coaching staff also seem like they could really help me get to the next level.

Indiana: The first thing about Indiana that excited me about them is Coach (Tom) Crean. At Marquette he coached Dwyane Wade, and he is just the type of guy who can really work a sideline. He can turn into a cheerleader and get the crowd into the game and he gets everybody involved. Also Coach (Kenny) Johnson, their assistant coach, told me how they develop their players and how there are no days off. They are always with you and working on preparing you for the long run. Indiana also has a top notch education with one of the best business schools in America.

Kansas: Kansas' tradition with big guys attracted me, but just their history was the biggest thing. Coach (Bill) Self and his staff know what you have to do to make it to the next level, and everything there is top notch. To be a Jayhawk in Lawrence is a huge deal and that would be a great blessing.

I am seeing what they are doing with Joel Embiid and he is playing really well, and I am thinking about that and how I could fit in there and do some of the things he is doing.

Ohio State: I was high on Ohio State even before the visit, but going through there showed me the real opportunity that I could have that I didn't know at first. At first I just knew about guys like Greg Oden and Jared Sullinger and that is the main thing that attracted me, but then Coach (Thad) Matta told me how he would want to get me ready for the NBA.

He told me he wanted to prepare me and use me like a guy like David West. Also the Ohio State environment and the fact that they have the biggest alumni base in America is something that really attracts me to the school.

In terms of a final decision, Giddens says he is in no hurry and thinks he will see more of his finalists after the high school season.

"I am not giving myself a timetable for a decision, but it will be in 2014," said Giddens. "Visit wise I will make some visits in the spring and summer. It just depends on my family and how things play out. I am just focused on my high school season, getting ready for the AAU season, and we will see how my recruitment goes."

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