Steven Santa Ana: Junior Primer

By and large, the North Carolina junior class looks somewhat weaker than has become typical for the state. Nevertheless, Santa Ana appears to be a budding exception.

There are no trumpets yet heralding the arrival of Steven Santa Ana onto the national scene, but steadily he is growing in stature within the Tar Heel State and Southeast.

Santa Ana has performed impressively during his junior season, establishing himself as one of the premier shooters within the region and as a potential sleeper in the Class of 2015. He began playing varsity as a freshman for Charlotte (N.C.) Ardrey Kell and has topped the 1,000-point mark.

He also poured in a career-high 32-point performance earlier this week. In short, he's building the kind of portfolio that draws attention from the people who count most: college coaches.

Santa Ana to this point has attracted offers from Wofford and Tennessee Tech, and odds are he'll add to that list over the next few months. He has played well in the state's largest city and should bring quite a few admirers to his games during the spring and summer.

His game is simple to describe: He's a shooter. Santa Ana has a smooth stroke and a quick release, enabling him to get his shot even when hounded by opponents. Though not a high-major in terms of run/jump athleticism and slightly small for the wing, he isn't completely stationary and works hard to free himself for open looks. He changes ends of the court fairly well and, from this vantage point, appears to be getting under-recruited given how few offers he holds.

He'll have to prove he can compete against elite athletes, of course, if he aims to earn offers from major-conference programs. Still, based on the season he has had and the fact that he fills a critical, difficult-to-address need, don't be surprised if his options expand considerably going forward.

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