2015 Rankings Breakdown: Duke

For the first time since the end of the summer the class of 2015 rankings were updated. As would be expected there was a lot of movement up and down. Here is a look at what happened with Duke targets.

Duke obviously hit the jackpot in the 2014 class with the No. 1 group in the country, and again they after the elite of the elite in 2015.

Leading the way on Duke's board is our new No. 1, Ivan Rabb. Currently there is no clear top player in the class, but Rabb we feel did the most to earn the top spot with his play this year and long term potential. Rabb has the athleticism, toughness, and scoring ability down low combined with excellent size to be someone who has a very productive career for a long time. Add in that Rabb got the best of some other highly touted prospects in head-to-head matchups, and it was simply too much to ignore, and he had to be No. 1.

After Rabb, Duke is also high on the nation's No. 2 prospect Malik Newman and No. 3 prospect Diamond Stone. Both stayed relatively stable in the rankings, only being leapfrogged by Rabb, though clearly we think very highly of both and see no drop in their status as elite prospects.

Duke is also after Ohio wing Luke Kennard as well as Illinois guard Charles Matthews. Matthews fell behind Kennard in the rankings this time around. The thinking with flipping the two prospects was just that Kennard is having an excellent season and it is clear what he is doing will translate. Again he had a head-to-head matchup with North Carolina pledge Justin Jackson, and again Kennard went off in that matchup showing his ability.

Outside of the five-star range there is Brandon Ingram and Matt Ryan. At the moment neither has an offer from the Blue Devils, though both are very much in their recruiting mix.

Ingram was a very interesting discussion. He went up from No. 41 to No. 40, but it wasn't without some protest. Ingram was a bit divisive in that some wanted him much higher and others wanted him to stay in the same range. Clearly he was kept in the same range, though now he is listed at the power forward position as he has grown bigger and stronger in the last year. Ingram is one who will have a lot of eyes on him going forward.

Ryan suffered an injury that will prevent him from playing the rest of the year and through the summer, so that obviously made things tough. Still we kept Ryan as a four-star and in the top 100 at No. 100. Clearly the hope is he can come back at 100 percent and be the player who was trending to become, but everybody will have to wait a little while to get that answer.

Overall Duke doesn't have an early pledge in this class, but again the Blue Devils are going after some of the best in the country and they hope to re-load just like they did in 2014.


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