Chad Brown: Junior Primer

For those inclined toward strong, athletic and aggressive big men, Brown definitely would emerge as a favorite.

Of course, Brown won't be too much of a favorite for college coaches — other than Central Florida — because he committed to UCF back in the fall. The Floridian big man is a pogo stick athlete and should become a multi-year starter for the Knights.

One look at Brown and you'd guess that he's a player. He has a lean, well-proportioned body that indicates his primary strengths. He runs the court well, is fairly quick off his feet, loves to dunk powerfully with two hands and is a gifted shotblocker.

He doesn't slot more highly within the junior class nationally because he doesn't stand two inches taller. Brown actually is more of a center in terms of skills and style, but at 6-8 he'll attempt to enhance his forward skills. His post offense is rudimentary and his face-up scoring even less developed, so he'll likely require a few years before his scoring is up and ready to go.

That said, he contributes in numerous other facets. He's certainly tall enough to play center at UCF, and his strength and athleticism allow to compete bigger than his actual size. I also have come away impressed with his competitiveness, and energized big men can be a handful even if not tremendously refined. Rebounds, blocked shots, dunks, all of those actions reside in Brown's wheelhouse.

Prior to his commitment to UCF, he claimed to hold offers from South Florida, Alabama, Kansas State and others, so he hardly was unknown to major conference coaches. The question now is whether he show a few new wrinkles this spring and summer.

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