Seventh Woods: Sophomore Sampler

There's a storm brewing in rural South Carolina, and local and national prep fans alike will thrill to his exploits for the next two years.

The first thing to know about Seventh Woods is that you aren't the only one to know about him. At YouTube, a highlight reel posted last April has racked up more than 10 million page views.

Then, this past December at the Chick-Fil-A Classic, a spectacular Woods dunk made its way onto Sportscenter.

In short, he's the most well-publicized sophomore in the country — and he's a pretty good player, too.

I always fear what will happen to prodigies, and especially those most noted for their athleticism. Some of those young players stop improving, instead relying on flash over substance and missing signs that other players are passing them by.

And Woods certainly is no finished product. He's an inconsistent jump shooter and not a true point guard in the sense that he runs an offense. He's a natural combo transitioning to the point, but that migration will take time.

But that isn't to say he lacks productivity or legitimate basketball ability. While it's true he likely could become an immediate star on the track team and does stand out most for that reason, he has cultivated a workable three-point jumper and has improved his court vision. He makes some nice plays on the drive as a passer, not only as a scorer.

Woods stands alone in terms of quickness, speed and leaping ability. He has that extra gear that separates him from even players we consider elite athletes. It's the mega-quickness and fullcourt fury that make him so unique, and why his one-footed dunks are some of the most breathtaking in all of grassroots hoops.

He also has a reasonably solid frame already, and I absolutely love his defensive potential. Woods is sneaky, cat-quick and loves to create his own fastbreaks by picking his opponent's dribble. A player with his quickness and reflexes could make a career out of defense, even if he never shines offensively.

Woods' recruitment almost is operating in silence. Some of that owes to the fact that he's more cautious in interviews than most, and some of it owes to his exploits simply overshadowing what's happening behind the scenes. But suffice it to say, he'll have his choice from among his many premier admirers.

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