Josh Langford: Sophomore Sampler

Though he doesn't carry as much national clout as some other sophomores who have garnered more exposure, Langford nevertheless holds lofty status and is among the best prospects at his position.

Football may take on a religious hue in Alabama, but the state itself still finds a way to churn out high-major basketball talent as well. Josh Langford is a sophomore who already has assured himself an opportunity to play at the highest level in college, and he still has two full years of high school to play.

Langford is a solidly built wing scorer who's already a solid jump shooter with three-point range. He likely will improve his effectiveness if he speeds up his release, but even now he strokes in shots versus stout, older competition.

He's also a highly physical player who gets the most out of his body. At 6-5, 200 pounds, he's far more advanced in terms of musculature compared with his peers. He loves to slice into the paint, draw contact and take a shoot off the glass or simply get fouled. He's likely to draw numerous free throw attempts for whichever school lands him.

Though a wing handler and defender, Langford is a very talented passer who makes looks that would drive point guards to jealousy. He's a particularly gifted distributor using the bounce pass, a highly underused weapon in most guards' arsenals. He takes some risks and does commit subsequent turnovers, but rather than squelch his creativity he simply will learn when to make the more difficult passes and when to keep it safe.

On the whole, Langford's strength and passing give him greater margin for error with respect to his shooting. And saying that, he's already a fairly effective marksman. Although he doesn't have a truly elite burst with the dribble and isn't a wildly athletic finisher, he can hold his own.

He has claimed offers from Alabama, Auburn, Vanderbilt, Florida, Louisville, Mississippi State and others. Though plenty of major programs reside within his home region, a national recruitment could bloom if he plays well this spring and summer.

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