Okafor Headed to Finals

Chicago State will be rocking Friday evening for the CPS finals, a match-up between Whitney Young and Curie. Two top prospects, Duke bound Jahlil Okafor and Kansas commit Cliff Alexander.

The Chicago Public League championship is set, Whitney Young will take on Curie Friday night at 7 at Chicago State.

It was a total team effort for Young to advance to the finals -- and after the game Duke commit Jahlil Okafor had a little mix up of his own to put a lighthearted spin on a close game that the Dolphins won 55-53.

"It was amazing," Okafor said. "Coach... Coach.. I was about to say Coach K, I mean Coach Ty I mean."

Young played Chicago Orr to advance to the finals -- and at halftime, Young was down by 15-points. That's when Okafor helped take over the game.

"We definitely got off to a slow start, but coach told us at halftime that he has never seen anybody win a game at halftime," Okafor said. "We were traveling all over the country this year and we played a lot of great teams so I think we were well prepared."

For recruiting fans, you know what the matchup means. Scout.com's top prospect Okafor will face off with Kansas commit and fifth ranked prospect Cliff Alexander, a matchup that Okafor is looking forward to.

"It will be a lot of fun, Cliff and I are really good friends but when we step between those lines both of us will be truing to, it will be a good battle. It is pretty much Whitney Young versus Curie, they are number one in the state and we are sitting at number two. So you know it is going to be a really, really fun battle."

It's clear that the game will be billed as a match-up of the two prospects but Okafor was quick to turn the post-game attention back to his teammates and their big second half.

"Realizing that this could potentially be our last CPS game, and that is how we played," Okafor said. "We played with a lot of intensity and acted like every possession was our last."

Okafor is surrounded by talented athletes including Paul White who is headed to Georgetown, and they believe there is no excuse for the team to fall behind their competitors.

"I think we are just going to play, we know the first half was unacceptable that is nothing new to us," Okafor said. "And we really just want to move past this game and we did a little bit of celebrating which coach was a little upset about that what we did at the end. But when you don't know you are going to win until the last two seconds you are just really excited."

And of course, Okafor isn't losing his focus on his season goals, winning a second state title for the Dolphins before heading to Duke.

"It would mean a lot, that is one thing that I have been thinking about since last year," Okafor said. "Its a big deal to me and I talked to Jabari Parker and it was something he wasn't able to do, so if I am able to do that it would be really humbling for me."

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