Josh Jackson: Sophomore Sampler

Superstardom is a word we don't toss out casually around here, and by no means is Jackson's ascent to that level assured -- but he has a shot.

Over the past couple years, very talented and tall wings have emerged from seemingly every class in high school basketball. While the junior class may lag in that regard to an extent, the senior crop features a banner group of wings and the sophomores appear to be very strong as well.

Josh Jackson may develop into the best of the group. The Michigan native has become a sensational scoring force, excelling versus both high school and travel team competition. Last weekend, he led Detroit (Mich.) Consortium to a stirring victory over touted over Arthur Hill, scoring 10 of his team's first 12 points and finishing with 25 points and 11 rebounds.

Jackson's antics have won him considerable admiration locally, but he's a very prominent hoopster nationally as well. He performed in eye-popping fashion last summer, particularly in Las Vegas where he showcased seemingly unstoppable athleticism and skill.

His first step is lightning quick and will serve him well for his entire career. He blows past defenders and possesses top-shelf bounce and body control at the rim, resulting in acrobatic finishes and old fashioned and-ones. Meanwhile, he's also a devastating player in the open court who can take shots under control despite dribbling at full speed.

His jump shot is streaky but capable, and there's no reason to doubt he'll improve his consistency over time. With experience, he also should become an excellent wing defender at 6-6 and blessed with superb lateral quickness.

Jackson does need to get stronger and to improve his decision-making, but neither of those issues conjures anything resembling dark clouds in terms of his ultimate potential.

His recruitment has been difficult to decipher because media access to him is very limited. One can assume that he could call up just about any coaching staff in the country and commit on the spot, but the actual dynamics remain uncertain at this early stage.

Jackson will challenge for the No. 1 ranking in the country this spring and summer, and his odds appear no less promising for him than the other three 2016 elites: Harry Giles, Jayson Tatum and Thon Maker.

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