adidas ABCD Junior Camp Report

Camp director Chris Grier filed this report from the 2001 adidas ABCD Junior Camp. Grier hosted some of the top underclassmen from the Midwest region at the camp which was held at Longfellow School in Flint, Mich. Here's the report!

2001 adidas ABCD Junior Camp

Director of the Camp: Christopher Grier, Michigan Hurricanes

Co-Director: Greg McMath, Saginaw Arthur Hill

Director of counselors: Robert Kelly, North Middle school

All-Star Game Rosters:


PG  Edward Tucker, 6-0, 9th grade, Saginaw 
SG  Jabari Currie, 6-3, 9, Detroit 
SF  Nate Skinner, 6-3, 9, Toronto
PF  Romare Trusty, 6-4, 9, Detroit
C   Kenneth George, 6-11, 9, Chicago
SG  Peter Hollis, 6-2, 9, Chicago
1   PG  Tajuan Porter, 5-8, 8, Detroit   
*   SG  Christen Parker, 5-10, 9, Chicago
*   PF  James Wilson, 6-2, 8, Saginaw


PG Ronald McFoley, 6-1, 9, Detroit

SG Kerchel Carter, 6-1, 9, Toronto

SF Dominique Washington, 6-4, 9, Canton, MI

PF Dante Sist, 6-4, 8, Detroit

C Theo Davis, 6-9, 9, Toronto

PG Andre Ricks, 5-9, 9, Detroit

SG John McKinney, 5-10, 8, Saginaw

* PG Daniel Greenan, 5-8, 9, Ada

* PG Anthony Crater, 5-7, 6, Flint


* 2 alternates for each team

MVP: Nate Skinner

Academic All American: Christen Parker

Best Guard Upperclassman: Ronald McFoley/Edward Tucker

Best Wing Upperclassman: Jabari Currie

Best Post Upperclassman: Theo Davis

Best Guard Underclassman: Anthony Crater/TaJuan Porter

Best Wing Underclassman: John McKinney

Best Post Underclassman: Dante Sist

Mr. Defense: Kenneth Gregory

One-on-One Champion: Romaire Trusty

Scoring Champion: Edward Tucker

Free Throw Champion: Lawrence O'Connor

Hot Shot Champion: Aaron Nichols

3-Pt. Champion: Tajuan Porter

Mr. Stations: Daniel Greenan

Mr. Hustle: James Wilson

Skinner, the MVP, was among the top 5 guys all week and totally dominated the All-star game with 28 points and 9 rebounds. He had 4 DUNKS during the game and 4 3-point field goals. At one point during the camp he dunked on 6'11 Kenneth Gregory CHEST to CHEST!


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