Roundtable: Hope for junior PGs?

Many have commented on the weakness at point guard in the Class of 2015. This class, along with the 2005 crop and perhaps a couple others, may be the weakest yet in the 21st Century.

This week's Roundtable discussion pertains to the languishing point guard position in the Class of 2015. We checked in with the Scout national team and asked this question:

Based on your experience and what you've observed this season, do you think there's hope that the point guard position will improve over the course of spring and summer, or should everyone resign themselves to a class that's weak at that spot?

Josh Gershon: While it's not the best point guard class we've ever seen, it's not like it's too late for players to emerge and/or current known point guards to improve. Justin Simon, who is currently our top point guard in the class, wasn't ranked anywhere until we threw him in our Top 100 last August.

It's not as if stories like that are really rare; previously unranked kids commonly emerge seemingly out of nowhere and keep improving, like Simon has, pretty consistently. Aaron Holiday is already in our Top 30 and has every opportunity to keep moving up, while the final chapter is far from written on the rest of the point guards in and out of our Top 100 as well.

Evan Daniels: This is certainly an interesting topic to follow. There isn't a lot of firepower at the top of the rankings at the point guard position, but there are a number of low tier, high-major type guys at the position. I'm hoping a few guys emerge this spring and summer, because there are a lot of schools searching for PGs and at this stage the options are limited unless you are already heavily involved with one.

Brian Snow: I have no doubt that a player or two at the position will emerge in some capacity, though obviously predicting who isn't easy. That said, it is pretty clear that the point guard position is not going to be a strength of this class. There just isn't enough there and even if 2-3 kids really emerge, it still will be seen as a position of weakness.

Rob Harrington: I'm definitely discouraged, but not resigned. The Pac-12 schools and others in the West appear to have more cause for hope. Already, guys like Justin Simon and Aaron Holiday have taken major strides and not only are clear high-majors, but potential elites.

Here in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast, however, that position appears very thin. I hope we don't enter the summer still waiting for players to emerge, because frankly that process needs to occur in the spring. And college coaches needing a point guard had better prepare themselves to be resourceful, whether that's seeking a college transfer following this season or else tapping into the junior college ranks.

Evan Daniels, Brian Snow, Josh Gershon and Rob Harrington contributed to this report

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