Q&A with Myles Turner

Myles Turner, Scout.com's No. 2 player in the 2014 class, took official visits to Duke and Kansas last week. He broke down those trips and his recruitment with Scout.com on Monday.

How was the Duke visit?
The duke one was awesome. I had a phenomenal time. I went down there and got a lot of information from Coach K and the assistants. I got to hang out with Jabari a little bit and got to see what his attitude towards everything was and I had a good overall time at the game.

What was your biggest takeaway from the Duke visit?
He really reiterated the fact that me and Jahlil [Okafor] can play together and he showed me how. That was probably the biggest thing. I wouldn't say I had a concern about that, but I was wondering what his plan for that was.

You said he showed you, what is exactly did he show you?
He really just told me that we are two different positions. Jahlil is more of a traditional post player. I can kind of be a four, five and play on the outside a little bit and he said we could be a force together.

What sticks out the most to you about Duke?
Probably their student body and the game. That was pretty awesome to me. That really jumped out to me. They just brought so much energy to the game and that really stood out to me.

I heard you hung out with the Crazies, how was that?
During a timeout they chanted for us to go sit with them. So all three of us went over there and sat with them for most of the second half.

You said you maybe had some questions about you and Jahlil playing together, did them answering that head on help?
Definitely so, I'm really glad I took a visit to see things from coach K's perspective and he was able to throw a plan out there for me.

You visited Kansas right before Duke, how was that trip?
That trip was phenomenal as well. I had a great time there too. The Phog Allen Fieldhouse is something to see. I had heard a lot about it and it lived up to its name. You definitely have to see it in person. It's one of those things that they pride themselves in. I got a great vibe off their strength coach, coach [Andrea] Hudy. She really has a special thing going on there.

Kansas has Cliff Alexander coming in. Did they talk to you about how you all could play together?
Coach Bill Self was very honest with me. He said Cliff was another big and basically a big bruising power forward that would go in there and do the dirty work. Basically the same thing, he said we are two different positions.

What sticks out to you about Kansas?
Definitely their strength coach, coach Hudy. That was big for me. I'm very big on developing and I feel like she'd have a big hand in my development.

How was your trip to Texas A&M?
Me and coach Kennedy have a pretty good relationship. He's been there from the beginning. I was able to chat with some of their guys in the locker room and just toured the campus a lot and just see everything.

Where do you go from here? What's next?
I'm definitely going to plan my Texas visit. I'm going to get that in as soon as possible.

Do you have a date on that?
I do not. I'm still trying to plan that out.

What schools are you considering at this point?
All of them pretty much. The ones I took official visits to are the ones that stuck out to me with the way their coaches sold it. Nothing has really changed. I'm still considering all of the schools.

What sticks out to you about Texas?
Just the fact that they had such a great year this year. Coach [Rick] Barnes has really turned things around and the development of Cameron Ridley. I could see myself in that sense. Jonathan Holmes is a great player and it's in the home state. I kind of take pride in the state of Texas and then just the fact that all of those guys are coming back next year. They had such a great season and they are coming back next year and could have a better season.

What has Texas' pitch been to you?
They've really been there from the beginning with me. They are really trying to show that staying in Texas is probably what is best for me because I can be close to family and close to my support system and just develop to the NBA and just this atmosphere and want me to help bring some notoriety back to Texas, even more than they did this year.

What do you like about Ohio State?
Coach Thad Matta, I like his attitude towards things and his whole pitch to me. I haven't been to Ohio State in a while. I definitely talk to them as much as I can.

What sticks out to you about Oklahoma State?
I really like the whole coaching staff. I have a great relationship with everybody. I can't really say that about all the other schools. I know each coach personally on the Oklahoma State coaching staff.

Where do you go from here? Do you have a timeframe on making your college choice?
Definitely after all the all-star festivities. That's when I'm going to take it seriously and try and set a time to commit somewhere.

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