Comanche still open

Chance Comanche has a long list of schools recruiting him hard, but the 2015 Top 30 prospect is still open to new suitors. Here's the latest on Comanche's recruitment.

State playoffs begin on Saturday for Chance Comanche, but with a Division V City League title under his belt and some definite progress in his game and build, it's been a successful season for the 2015 prospect already.

Comanche, a 6-foot-11, 200-pound center from Los Angeles View Park, is's 27th ranked prospect in his class, with the definite opportunity to keep moving up that list with continued development

Melissa McGee, Comanche's mother, feels that her son took a step in a good direction this year.

"I'm extremely happy with how he's played this season," McGee said. "I think heading into the season he had to gain weight and get stronger so I got him a personal trainer, who he worked with three times a week before school at 6:00am. He's gained about 15 pounds of strength and he still needs more, but it's made a big difference.

"He spends his weekends with a basketball trainer and I always stress to him, ‘Run the floor, rebound and block.' I believe if he does that, the rest of the game is going to come. Along with that, he's doing a lot of post work, midrange shooting, outside shooting and back to the basket. I think he's improving everywhere."

With Comanche's progress as a player has come a lot of recruiting attention, and McGee mentioned a handful of schools that have been on the center the hardest.

"USC, Arizona, UConn, Georgetown, California, UCLA, N.C. State, Kansas and Oregon have been the pretty heavy recruiters," she said. "It's been pretty much nonstop with them."

Even though there is a good group of schools already recruiting Comanche, that list is open for expansion.

"He's not excluding anybody at this point because I don't think everybody is in that will be in," said McGee. "Once everyone is in that will be, at that point we'll start trimming some of the schools off the list.

"I think he'll narrow it down after we get through this spring and summer. He has probably 30 schools that are in there and about 15 that are recruiting him pretty hard. Hopefully he has a good spring and summer and more will be in there. "

The schools that are currently recruiting Comanche hard could have an advantage, but the family is hoping for some others to join the mix.

"The ones that have been recruiting him, that's important to me, because as a parent I'm looking for someone who really wants him and is putting the effort in," said McGee. "I'd like to see maybe North Carolina, Duke, Michigan, Michigan State or one of those potentially in there as well."

There are a number of factors that Comanche and his mother will be looking at when choosing a school.

"For me, the relationship that he and I are able to establish with the coaches that they're going to be there, he's going to develop and that whether he has to be there one year or four years that they're going to do what's in his best interest," McGee said.

"I don't like teams where it's all about the individual players; I'd rather it be about the team. I'd like him to go somewhere that he can make a difference but it's a team-oriented environment."

As of now, there's no timetable on when Comanche will make a decision.

"I don't know whether he'll sign early or late," McGee said. "There's no set time; it's just going to be when I decide it's right and when he feels comfortable. There are just so many factors that can determine whether it will be in the fall or in the spring. It could do either way right now."

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