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Louis Adams Jr., had a big season for Chicago Orr and is seeing his recruitment pick up. Check out more inside.

He may be soft-spoken, but Chicago Orr's Louis Adams Jr., has had a pretty big senior season -- and it continues Tuesday evening as they play in the Hoffman Estates super sectional looking for a bid to the state championship tournament.

"I mean, I have seen my game improve a lot. I didn't play until junior year. That was really my first time playing organized basketball," Adams Jr. said.

Adams Jr. is coached by his dad, and that has been an invaluable experience for the youngster. "I have learned a whole lot from my dad, I am so grateful that he is here with me," Adams Jr. said. "Him just telling me just keep trying to make it, shooters will keep shooting until they make one."

One of the most special parts of Adams Jr's game is his athleticism. He has recorded a 40-inch vertical, and that part of his game kind of reminds you of someone else from Chicago.

"I like it to, growing up Derrick Rose was my favorite player and he has a forty inch vertical," Adams Jr. said.

Of course, Adams Jr. is getting some recruiting attention as well, after

"I have to get stronger to play at the next level," Adams Jr. said. "I got DePaul in the running and Bradley, and I have heard from Kansas."

He added, "They are telling me they like my toughness, you know a kid from Chicago is tough. So they really like that and the other things I can bring to the table."

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