Super 60 Takeout: Luke Maye

Not everyone can be long or bouncy, and as the NCAA Tournament proved over the past few days in numerous upsets, those qualities don't stand as necessities for hoopsters.

He doesn't pass the look test. Luke Maye is a rawboned, non-angular, somewhat undersized power forward who lacks long arms, explosive athleticism or a natural scoring style. Those are the limitations and why he projects right at the line of demarcation between high- and mid-major.

But Maye gets a lot done on the court, and after awhile one has to credit him for his production based on that in and of itself. The junior power forward was among the top rebounders in all of EYBL in 2013. Given that he played up a class and that his peers included monsters such as graduating seniors Cliff Alexander and Jahlil Okafor, the junior's accomplishments on the glass take on an even more impressive light.

His success owes in large part to his strength and exquisite hands. He isn't the quickest guy to the ball and does suffer from the previously mentioned obstacles, but even a fingertip on the ball for Maye equates to an entire hand for less coordinated athletes. He's an exceptional passer on the interior, from the high post and on outlets. In that fashion he contributes to the running game despite not being a gazelle himself.

Meanwhile, he's a maximum effort player who even in more casual settings demonstrates commendable focus and hustle. Along with a powerful frame and very solid lower body, he should have no trouble establishing position and holding his ground at the next level.

He's also a high academic achiever and combines that with top-notch court IQ. He understands how to compensate to an extent against superior athletes. He'll still need to answer the question how he would fare against big-time frontcourt opponents in college, of course, and that query will linger through spring and summer.

Maye will undertake another tour of the EYBL circuit with Team United, where he'll again try to prove he's among the most productive frontcourt players in the Class of 2015.

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