2017 Intro: J.J. Smith

Fayetteville, N.C., is known primarily as a military town, but these days the eastern North Carolina city is producing high-majors by the bushel.

At this past weekend's Super 60 Showcase, J.J. Smith might have generated more buzz than any other player in attendance. He wasn't necessarily the best player there, but the was the best new player there.

Smith didn't enter the weekend as an unknown, exactly, it's just that many local scouts had not yet watched him in person. I fell within that category, too, but it didn't take long to realize that Smith has obvious high-major ability.

Upon first glance, Smith possesses a much more physically developed body than most freshmen. From a muscularity standpoint, he could pass as a high school senior. He's also a quick and fast athlete who makes bold players in the open floor, utilizing his natural talents to get to the rim and finish or draw a foul.

He's also a skilled handler and passer. Some scouts regard Smith as a long-term point guard, but based on his style and feel I regard him as a wing, at least for the time being. He didn't attempt many jump shots during my time watching him and he certainly will need to improve in all the normal ways (defense, decision-making, etc.), but there's a reason he already has become imprinted onto the local hoops consciousness.

Smith's next order of business is to take that first step on the travel circuit. It's too early to know exactly when he'll get those opportunities, given that he's starting from scratch, but don't be surprised if he makes an early and indelible mark.

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