Randolph Begins Setting Up Trips

Shavlik Randolph, a 6-10 power forward from Raleigh, N.C., has begun to set his official visits. Randolph, one of the country's most heavily recruited prospects, is making plans to visit five campuses in the future.

UNC, Duke, Florida, NC State and Kansas Getting Trips

It's been a wild ride for Broughton's Shavlik Randolph. Schools have been recruiting him with intensity for nearly the last year. Now, it looks like he's moving forward toward a decision.

Duke hasn't set an official visit with Randolph, but he will attend the Duke charity game Aug. 24, the same weekend Shelden Williams makes his official visit to Durham. In September, he has two trips scheduled to date. The first will be a jaunt to Kansas the weekend of Sept. 9. Then, he'll begin his official visit to NC State the weekend of Sept. 28.

In October, he'll attend his second straight Midnight Madness with North Carolina. That visit is the weekend of Oct. 12. Florida's visit doesn't come until Nov. 16 when he'll head to Gainesville for the UF-FSU football game. November is a long time away in recruiting terms so it'll be interesting to see if this date holds.

Randolph's in-home visits are as follows: UNC (Sept. 9), Kansas (16). The rest have yet to be set up.

Up Close With Shavlik

On Michael Jordan: "If anything he's gained. He's amazing. Nobody could stop him [at camp]. He was killing all the NBA players like Darius Miles. He scored on anybody at will. Miles blocked his fade away jumper once. They would score on him every now and then. He got off any shot he wanted too. He doesn't really say that much unless you start saying something to him. Miles called him old man one time and [Jordan] just started killing him."

Timetable For His Decision: "I would like to be able to do it before my high school season starts."

What If Schools Land Other Prospects? "I wouldn't be disappointed. I think that any decision I make would be a good one. If that school wanted me bad enough then they wouldn't take a spot away from me."

What If Duke Lands Shelden Williams? "I don't know. I think Shelden Williams is purely an inside guy. Duke would play me on the inside and the outside. I don't think it would affect me too much. He and Mike Thompson; that would be a lot of big men to have."

On The NBA: "I really don't want to think about that. If I have a real good high school year I'll talk about that with my family. It's very unlikely. I'll just try and work on getting better every day and see where that stands."

What He Learned This Summer: "I can't really say I took a lot away from the summer AAU circuit but I think I took a lot of way from Jordan Camp. I saw so many players and played against so many NBA players that I realized I'm not that far away I just have to try to get stronger, work on my ball handling and get some of those tricks that so many my age don't know how to do yet. A lot of it is mental."

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