McDonald's: Turner discusses recruitment

CHICAGO -- Myles Turner, theonly available player in the 2014 top 100, talked to about his recent official visit to Texas and where he stands with his recruitment.

The only available player in the 2014 class – Myles Turner – took his final official visit to Texas on Thursday and Friday.

"Coach Barnes reiterated a lot of things to me," Turner said. "I got to hang out with the team. I've gone there unofficially quite a bit. I'm very familiar with the players. I got to hang out with them. I went back to the dorm and got to see what their campus life is all about."

Turner said among the things that stick out to him about Texas is the proximity to home and the potential to make an early impact on their team.

"I like that it's Texas," Turner said. "I'm from Texas. It's the University of Texas. It's close to home. They had a great season this year and everybody is coming back next year. There are a lot of great things about Texas."

"The pitch has been that I can basically come in and play right away," he added. "They need a scorer basically and a defensive presence. Cam [Ridley] and Prince [Ibeh] did a good job this year. He wants to add some more firepower to that."

Turner has now taken unofficial or official visits to Texas, Kansas, Duke, Oklahoma State, Ohio State, SMU and Texas A&M. Turner is debating on setting up other visits.

"Some of the schools I didn't get to see I've been contemplating if I'm going to do an unofficial, but this April is going to be really busy," Turner said. "I'm hoping to commit, well I don't have a set date, but end of April or early May."

"I haven't seen Arizona and I haven't seen Kentucky," he added. "Those are the two I haven't seen."

Turner is also trying to come up with a date for his college commitment.

"I'm not sure where I'm doing my commitment yet or when I'm doing it," Turner said. "I'm just working on a date and picking a school because I'm undecided."

Turner, who is's No. 2 overall player, said he doesn't have a favorite at this point.

"I really haven't had very much contact with coaches," Turner said. "I've let my parents do a lot of the contact, especially during the season. I changed my number and didn't give it out to anybody. I wouldn't say I'm bias towards anybody."

The perception is that Texas may be the leader for Turner, but he insists that he isn't favoring anyone. "I've heard that a lot lately," he said. "Like I said, Texas is a great school, but I'm still undecided and I'm not sure what I'm doing. There's other schools that I like that I visited. Not one school sticks out at this point."

Is the process starting to wear on Turner?

"It has its ups and downs," Turner said. "It's kind of cool being the last person to commit because everyone is kind of watching you. But I don't know where I'm going to college so it can be tough sometimes."

Turner said there have been points in his recruitment when he thought he knew where he wanted to go, specifically during visits.

"That's definitely happened," Turner said. "Some of these visits I've taken I've said ‘man this is where I want to commit to.' Then I come back home and come back to earth and realize I haven't seen this place or that place. It's happened a couple of times."

The five-star prospect said he's looking for the school that will prepare him for the next level.

"I'm just going somewhere where I can feel I can be the best Myles Turner," he said. "Whether that's coming in and making the biggest impact or having the biggest role. Just wherever I can go that will get me ready to the next level."

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