2016 Intro: Ebuka Izunda

No one leapt more assertively onto center stage at the N.C. Top 80 than Izunda, whose lightning-fast progress in the game could send him to a major conference.

He's been playing basketball for only two years and it shows, but another two years from now Ebuka Izunda should be able to shed the "noob" label. A slender, long and very athletic big man, Izunda possesses obvious high-major potential.

He's a very fluid athlete who changes ends of the court swiftly and doesn't merely spectate once he arrives at a destination. He utilizes his long arms and quick leap as an offensive rebounder and swats away plenty of shots on defense, and his activity rate is very impressive.

Izunda's skills remain a work in progress, as you'd expect. He doesn't yet possess much in the way of scoring tools or much of a feel overall for offense, but he definitely makes plays despite his relative lack of comfort in a halfcourt setting. We list him at 6-9 though others consider him to be 6-10, and at any rate he projects as a college center and even 6-9 would be sufficiently tall in today's game.

From a recruiting standpoint, this will be a big summer for Izunda. As a rising junior he doesn't necessarily need to draw scholarship offers right now; he merely needs to attract future in-school viewings next season and set himself up for eventual offers a year from now and beyond.

Let's check back on his progress at the end of summer, as potentially he could exceed even what I consider to be an accelerated timeline given his newness to the sport.

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