Harris has a plan

There is a plan in place for the decision of four-star forward Malek Harris.

Four-star class of 2014 power forward Malek Harris never expected to have a decision to make this time of year, however the Illinois Wolves product now has a lot on his mind. The 6-foot-7 forward originally committed to Marquette, but now things have taken a different turn.

"Malek never signed his letter of intent," said Illinois Wolves Head Coach Mike Mullins. "He isn't opening up his recruitment to everybody, but he has waited on Marquette and Coach (Steve) Wojciehowski, and now he is considering all of his options."

Mullins went on to say, "I told the family that there is a timeline here, so there just isn't time to meet new people. Instead he is going to focus on the schools that already have a relationship with him. Schools such as Kansas State, Gonzaga, and Florida which recruited him the first time will be allowed to speak with him, and then also Marquette where he committed and Virginia Tech with Coach (Buzz) Williams."

By no means is that list a final five, however Mullins said those are simply some schools that have an established relationship with Harris and his family, that he would be comfortable with going forward.

Distance originally was a major factor, but now Mullins says that Harris is going to consider everything.

"The first time around his parents wanted him near Chicago," said Mullins. "Now he has seen some of the business side of this, and he is looking at everything. Does he want more immediate playing time, does he need to go to a winning team, would it be better for him to get away, things like that."

Mullins says that there is no timeframe for a decision from Harris, though clearly it won't be a long and drawn out process. A few visits are likely to take place in the near future once Harris has a chance to meet with the coaches involved, and from there he will sign his Letter of Intent.

"We want to be respectful of everybody," said Mullins. "Florida is playing right now, we waited for Marquette in their situation, and we just want to do this the right way both for Malek and for all of the coaches involved."

Harris is one of the key pieces to Marquette's top 25 recruiting class, and Wojciehowski has made it clear he hopes to keep him a part of it. Now the question will be which situation will be the perfect fit.

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