Stock soaring for Rakocevic

Nick Rakocevic had a breakout sophomore year, and now colleges all across the country are entering his recruitment.

Class of 2016 prospect Nick Rakocevic had a big high school season at Westchester (Ill.) St. Joseph's. The nearly 6-foot-10 Rakocevic combines high skill level, good size, and solid athleticism to be one of the more intriguing prospects in the state in his class.

St. Joe's has a pair of good class of 2015 guards in Jordan Ash and Glynn Watson, and the emergence of Rakocevic was big for the success of the team this season.

"The year went great," said Rakocevic. "My game definitely took off this year and I can't wait to get back for next season."

He continued, "I definitely got more aggressive. It was a great year with all the exposure and the recruitment and everything, and I will continue to get better. Hopefully I can become one of the best players in the country."

Recruiting wise things got very busy for Rakocevic. He picked up numerous offers during the year and has significant interest.

"I have scholarship offers from Wisconsin, Illinois, Miami, and Creighton," said Rakocevic. "I have a lot of interest from Oregon, Iowa, Purdue, Notre Dame, and I have spoken to Duke a couple of times."

The offer from Illinois was a big one for him, and Rakocevic likes the in-state Illini.

"It is definitely big to me to get an offer from Illinois," said Rakocevic. "A chance to play and represent my home state is really big. It would be exciting because my parents could come to my games, and I am just blessed to get that offer."

Wisconsin has had a lot of success with bigs like Rakocevic in the past, and he clearly took note of their deep NCAA Tournament run.

"It is definitely great to get offered by a school like Wisconsin who is in the Final Four." Rakocevic explained. "I am just truly blessed to get that offer."

One school that is just in the beginning stages of showing interest is Duke, and getting that call was exciting for Rakocevic.

"It is definitely crazy to hear from them," said Rakocevic. "At first when my coach told me that Duke wanted to recruit me I was astonished. Hopefully they continue to pick up the recruitment."

For now Rakocevic is taking everything in stride and simply is looking to improve while playing with the Mac Irvin Fire on the AAU circuit.

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