Roundtable: Closing arguments

As we do each week, our basketball recruiting experts answer a pressing question related to the national grassroots landscape.

Within a few weeks, the recruiting team will release its final rankings for the Class of 2014. We asked this question in advance of that release:

With the postseason all-star games now in full swing, and yet McDonald's behind us, how much impact do you think the Hoop Summit, Jordan game and Basketball Classic (or any others) will have on players as we approach the time to compile final rankings? Is your opinion effectively set in stone, or is there still some play?

Evan Daniels: I think the McDonald's game provided quite a bit of value. The players were put in competitive settings and I got a lot out of the practices, the scrimmage and even the game. I'll certainly watch the remaining all-star games, but usually the practices and pre-game scrimmages are more conducive for evaluating. The games can often turn into selfish settings. With all that said, up until the point when we release final rankings I'm still try to add to my evaluation. There's still some things to play out and I'm still currently watching video of 2014 prospects.

Josh Gershon: Every opportunity to evaluate a prospect counts and whenever someone plays there's more information to learn about him. While I feel good about our evaluations of the prospects in the McDonald's Game, the other all-star games are chances to learn even more about some of those players, along with others who weren't in Chicago. I don't necessarily expect any earth shattering changes in our opinions of anyone in the upcoming games, but you never know.

Brian Snow: I think there is definitely room for evaluation, but not when the bright lights are on in an all-star game. In scrimmages and practices I do think things can be valuable, but making evaluations to me in a 120-116 dunk fest just isn't real bright. Sure, maybe in the case of Joel Embiid it is logical because such little information was known on him, but that is far the exception than the rule. We still need to pay attention but use the information gathered in a logical and intelligent manner

Rob Harrington: You never know, but for me it will take something extremely stirring to move the needle. We've watched these guys for ages, and now I've seen them very recently in the structured setting of McDonald's practices. Having noted that, however, the non-McDonald's players in other all-star events bear closer monitoring. The bottom line is that I think my opinion mostly is set, but there's still room to be flexible.

Evan Daniels, Brian Snow, Josh Gershon and Rob Harrington contributed to this report

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