Indy Ball Recap

Many of Indiana's top prospects were on display at the Indy Ball Shootout in Indianapolis. Here is a look at several prospects who stood out.

Dylan Windler, SF, Indiana Elite – Windler came out of nowhere to have a strong junior season, and he was absolutely on fire shooting the ball in leading Indiana Elite to the title. Winder is around 6-foot-6 with long arms and solid athleticism, but it is his ability to make shots that was so impressive. In the semi-finals and finals he made big time shots from all over and carried the team. Windler needs to continue to round out his game, but there is no question he is a shooter with length who should attract significant mid-level attention.

Hyron Edwards, PG, Indiana Elite – It was an up and down weekend for Edwards. After showing strides of improving his outside shooting during the high school season, Edwards struggled with that same shot all weekend long. Still he is an elite athlete who plays with great pace and then also has the ability to be a lockdown defender. In transition is clearly where he excels, now Edwards needs to continue to improve as a shooter.

Ryan Cline, SF, Indiana Elite Diesel – Maybe the best performance on Sunday was from Cline. The wing put his team on his back making incredibly tough shots all day game long. Though in overtime his squad came up short, it wasn't due to anything Cline struggled with. He isn't an elite athlete by any stretch, but he has good length, solid size, and an incredible shooting stroke. Defensively there will be issues, but when his feet are set, usually the ball goes in.

Harris Brown, SG, Progeny – Brown is currently committed to Loyola Chicago, and he was tremendous all weekend long. There is simply no doubt that Brown knows how to put the ball in the basket. He is a good athlete and as tough as they come. Brown prefers to score off the dribble attacking the rim, but he is also a capable shooter. Undersized to play off the ball, Brown makes up for that with desire and toughness.

K.J. Walton, SG, UA GRIND – The four-star prospect continue to show his high level talent, but did it in spurts. There were parts of games where he would be almost completely invisible, and then at other times he was completely unstoppable. At 6-foot-3 with a dynamic first step, Walton is someone who is nearly impossible to keep out of the lane and his shot is coming along. However he still is struggling with taking plays off.

Sean McDermott, SF, UA GRIND – In a morning rally on Sunday it was McDermott who at times put the team on his back with his big time ability to shoot the basketball. McDermott has an incredible shooting stroke at 6-foot-5 with good length. He isn't great creating off the dribble, but he is getting better in that regard, and then has a quick release that allows him to get his shot off even when defenders are in a decent position.

Anthony Jones, SG/SF, Eric Gordon Central Stars – It was a tough weekend in general for the Central Stars, but Jones did do a solid job. A wing with solid athleticism who can score in a variety of ways, he put points on the board while also showing good versatility on the defensive end. Most likely a mid-level recruit, Jones showed well for himself.

Eron Gordon, SG, Eric Gordon (Green) – Gordon is just someone who knows how to put points on the board. Nearly all weekend he had huge scoring numbers. A good athlete who is getting a bit more explosive, Gordon is at his best when he is attacking the rim and making plays, though he can score from distance as well. It isn't always easy to explain, but at the end of the day Gordon puts points on the board, and did it nearly all weekend long.

Justin Thomas, PG, Eric Gordon (Green) – A good athlete who is strong with the basketball and extremely tough on defense, Thomas made plays all weekend long on both ends of the floor. What Thomas does best is pressure the ball and take opposing point guards out of their game. Also on offense he is a capable scorer who then can get others involved with solid playmaking by getting into the lane and finding open shooters.

Joey Brunk, C, UA Grind Shepherd – There wasn't much of an answer for Brunk at the event this weekend. Standing every bit of 6-foot-9, and maybe even a bit taller, Brunk was excellent on the glass and then finished very well around the rim as well. Brunk still struggles some with his left, and isn't a great athlete, but he shows good footwork, excellent hands, and a good idea of how to score around the rim. As he continues to get stronger he will be tougher to handle on the low block.

Kyle Guy, SG, Indiana Elite – A good shooter, Guy had it working pretty well over the weekend. Guy was hitting from the outside, and the doing enough off the dribble to be effective that way as well. He is capable of big scoring numbers, and is a kid with decent size and athleticism as well. Guy is clearly at his best when playing off the ball, but he can play some point guard in a pinch and showed he is a capable ball handler.

D.J. Wilkins, SG, Indiana Elite – Wilkins had a few nice moments in helping his team to the title. A good athlete who plays on the wing, his shot looked better and then he has seems to have grown as a ball handler. He still isn't an elite athlete and not a knock down shooter, so he will need to improve on that, but he did have a few good moments throughout the weekend.

C.J. Hedgepeth, PG, Indiana Elite – A strong and explosive athlete, Hedgepeth in transition is a problem for opposing defenses. He can really score going to the rim, and has pretty good floor vision as well. Over the weekend he hit a few jumpers from deep which was a good sign, as that has been a major growth area for him. His leadership was big in his team winning the title.

Kris Wilkes, SF, UA Indy Hoosiers – Wilkes seems to be emerging as the top prospect in the class in the state. A long and athletic forward, Wilkes continues to get more skilled and is showing a good motor. At every bit of 6-foot-6 with long arms, Wilkes is one to watch as he gets stronger because his size, athleticism, and skill make his potential ceiling extremely high.

Justin Roberts, PG, UA Indy Hoosiers – A true point guard, Roberts showed the ability to get others involved and an excellent feel for the game. He isn't a true jet with the basketball, but he is plenty fast and uses a strong upper body to get into defenders and create. Working on his jump shot is still important, and it is inconsistent right now. Given that he is around 5-foot-11 he needs to continue to do that, but it is his playmaking which is the guiding force for his team.

Jaren Jackson, PF, Eric Gordon All-Stars – Right now the key word with Jackson is potential. He has a ton of it, and is just beginning to figure out how good he can become. Jackson played JV on a state championship team loaded with experience this season, but come next year he could be a go to player. Jackson has solid athleticism, keeps growing, and is getting tougher down low. He is a down the road kid, but the skillset puts him through the roof as a prospect.

Eron Gordon mentioned beginning to pick up new interest from Kansas, Kentucky, UCLA, and Gonzaga. Also Butler, Indiana, Purdue, Michigan, and Michigan State remain in the mix.

K.J. Walton has major interest from Cincinnati, Xavier, Butler, Indiana, Iowa State, and Michigan State.

Hyron Edwards is hearing from Tennessee, Virginia Tech, Purdue, Indiana, and Illinois.

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